Sunday, October 31, 2004

Housegeist (1982)

This movie is better known as Boardinghouse and I've seen it in stores twice under that name with the same image on the front of the box. It's shot on video and was one of the first films to be shot that way. It's as close to a "shot on video classic" as you can get, maybe next to Blood Cult. Generaly this format sucks as I'm sure you know.

Housegeist aka Boardinghouse

About thirteen women occupy this house with one swingin' dude. People die via household appliances. The madness ends with a pool party and the final scenes of violence. No critic is going to recommend this movie, but if you don't take your videos too seriously, you'll probably be entertained by Housegeist. Now for the Cub Speaks segment. I have prepared some relevant questions for her.

What do you think of movies that are shot on video?

Movies shot on video can @$@%^$#$%&#% (Here cub says something so vulgar, it would get this blog banned in anywhere from 16 to 33 new countries. Cub, I cannot believe it, no swearing!)

Does Warren have a big video collection, or not so many videos?

Warren has a huge movie collection with some of the best shit that anyone has ever seen or heard of for that matter. There are just too many wonderful big-boxed, European movies to choose from, on any particular night for us to watch. But hey, better more than less, I say!!

Does Warren like to watch the same videos over and over again?

Warren does NOT like to watch the same movies over and over again. I wish he did so that I could see some off the goodies with him that he has already watched. i am still working on changing you , honey!


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