Friday, January 26, 2007

grindhouse film festival gets better every month - Jack Hill night

Tuesday night's double feature was Switchblade Sisters and The Swinging Cheerleaders. Director Jack Hill introduced the movies saying that he had just "come back from a bulimia convention" and that "the cake came out of the girl." There was extensive Q+A and some of the starlets were present. If you are missing these events I am sorry.

Blood and Chocolate reviews from elsewhere

I'm pretty sure this did not screen for critics, but I still managed to dig up some reviews... that divulge some of the silly plot details. I guess the wolves drink absinthe and the protagonist is werewolf obsessed graphic-novelist. Nerd out! I'm skipping it. - "When men (or women) change into their four-footed alter-egos, they don't undergo the grotesque morphing we have become familiar with over the years. Instead, they blur from man to beast - an easy way to save money and keep the romantic aspect intact, although less sinister and unsettling."

SF Chronicle - "A good 50 percent of the script seems to be spent explaining the rules of this wolf world, where the full moon means nothing -- the werewolves can change at will -- but silver, and even silver nitrate dust, can cause death."

bloody-disgusting from Mr D. - "It’s crazy to me that Garnier was supposed to be the “next big thing” in indie filmmaking. ... Avoid at all costs, this could easily be the single worst horror film of 2007 – and we just started the New Year (sigh)."

Monday, January 22, 2007

Hollywood! Grindhouse Fest tomorrow... Switchblade Sisters plus!

It's gonna be great - check it out! Director Jack Hill to be in attendance. Double Feature: Switchblade Sisters (1975) and The Swinging Cheerleaders (1974). I'd get there early to be safe, or ask me to hold you a seat!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


My presentation on DVD Double Dipping today did not go so smoothly - and not from lack of rehearsal either.

Monday, January 15, 2007

contribution to horror roundtable

I'm preparing for public speaking class, a presentation on DVD Double Dipping. See this article, one of my sources, "You Just Love that Film? Buy it Again!" from the Washington Post.

I'm not going to get into how a special form Double Dipping affects horror fans in a different way that involves delivering movie audiences a butchered PG-13 film in the theaters almost as a teaser to generate interest in a future "Uncut" and "Unrated" DVD. This double dipping is unique in that the process begins even before the first version of the DVD is released.

Over at THEhorrorblog - check out my contribution to the Horror Roundtable now in its 29th week.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

rainbow wolf from the magical land of forbidden love

Image Hosted by

Yeah you saw this clip in the trailer, but I can't believe the company would send this shot out as a still to the press.

For all those who got up on their high horses (or unicorns, or pink dragons) who said that the Blood and Chocolate detractors should "read more" - one thing you oughta know is, that the B+C book you are so smart for having read, it's a novel for young adults.

Friday, January 12, 2007

political post... again

Hey guys, I intended to post a rant about an upcoming horror movie at the end of this, but did not get around to it. Just read on if you are a political junkie...

Barack Hussein Obama - I'm looking for a right wing blog that discusses Obama's recently revealed middle name in a stupid way. It's been pretty hard to find one that really entertains. My best bet is this Debbie Schlussel blog. She herself is restrained, she's an educated women, though extreme compared to just about anyone you would see on say Fox News. The real good stuff is in the comments where the regular joes, who have no external filters, go to town on Obama, a practicing Christian who happened to have an Islamic father whose methods he did in fact disapprove of. Read the stuff!

"Obama = Black Osama with a touch of taqiyya, all in the interests of his father's (and his) 'religion' of PISS.

Rob Brown (another poster) - If he becomes President, everyone in the congress will soon be swearing by the shit manual known as koran, and we'll have sharia law everywhere. Its as simple as that - you don't need to be a genius to figure out. Look at Keith Ellison and Dearborn if you need proven examples."

"No offense folks, but why do people even take this guy seriously? He is a complete joke. The info here you all bring up just scratches the surface. His islamic roots are something he wants to run from, but who knows how sincere he is with the muslim name he retains? I mean if you want to disown your muslim-ness--why would you retain such a sickening name? Barak Hssein Obama--I want to be puke."

"Borat Hussein Osama ...
Hm-m-m ...

Will he become a president of the United Soviet Socialist States of America in the future?"

Of course one liberal counters with the tired line "Most of you people here are like extras from the cast of 'Deliverance.'" Same shit different day. Over here at 150 Days of Sodom we defame people properly. The only true way to combat the stupidity of our enemies is to expose their (probable) use of glory holes in mens' restrooms as sources of sexual relief.That's how it's down here and it's how it should be done across the internet.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

free Pom drinks on me if you did not get wood even once in 2006

This is not a post about horror movies, I just find it ridiculous that Pom juice drink tests on animals to prove that their juice is magical shit - link to "radical" site that mentions one of their tests in brief. I did read somewhere that they were testing on rabbits (some tube is severed) to hopefully prove that their drink will cure erectile dysfunction in males. Ahhhh, the Holy Grail of science, making it so old guys can get it up again - and who knew(?), Pom is all it takes! Sorry Pom drinkers, you all will be limp for a while (I know you got no wood if I see you drinkin' Pom, secret is out!!) - the only answer to your problems is a good glory hole - yeah sure there be a guy on the other side, but you don't gotta tell your friends!

Monday, January 08, 2007

a 2006 list

Some of you might be interested in the Top 25 Worst Album Covers of 2006 at pitchfork.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Sid Haig ain't posting on the imdb message boards...

Impostors are posting as him. I have not seen these posts, and the article does not offer any insight into what the posters motives may be other than to "to malign a good name and get some twisted pleasure out of it". Yes, but how. What are they saying?

Monday, January 01, 2007

best and worst horror of 2006 from the big sites

My roomate Netflix'd tons of the movies that make up the worst lists... and I watched almost none of them. I can't comment on An American Haunting, The Omen, etc...

The Bloody-Disgusting staff lists. If anything these lists prove that horror movies are polarizing. A lot of movies are on one writer's "best" list and another writers "worst". This is not because of any shortage of movies coming out this year, there were plenty to chose from.

Staci Wilson's lists. No write ups for the best. Write ups for the worst. She has a special list for "The Worst Horror & Suspense Direct-to-Disc".

Horror Fanatics list, including Fataly Yours' list.

I did not see everything, so can only make an abreviated list of what I found to be the best and worst films, in no particular order.

my picks for the best: The Descent, Hostel, Hills Have Eyes, Three Extremes, 2001 Maniacs, Lady Vengeance

my picks for the worst: Pulse (USA), It Waits (Anchor Bay DVD), Black Christmas, See No Evil, Night of the Living Dead: 3-D, The Covenant

movie Primeval (2007) tagline: "Inspired by the true story of the most prolific serial killer in history." is actually about a crocodile

The trailer (I saw it before Pan's Labyrinth yesterday) - makes no mention of crocs and the viewer is lead to believe that some invisible demonic force is attacking the screaming victims on screen. Oh no. Therefor, people laughed at the end of the trailer when the narrator goes "Primeval... Inspired by a true story". The reaction was not as bad as the one I saw for the Blood and Chocolate preview (read my story), but this trailer is just plain awful. We get witch doctors, mass graves, exploding dirt, rotting corpses, I wondered if the twist was going to be that the film is about the horror of some flesh eating virus. Serious misdirection here. I guess the studio figured no one wants to see another crocodile movie. How sad.

imdb on Primeval...

I gotta go out right now. I'll post about Pan's Labyrinth later. Happy New Year's Day.