Wednesday, January 10, 2007

free Pom drinks on me if you did not get wood even once in 2006

This is not a post about horror movies, I just find it ridiculous that Pom juice drink tests on animals to prove that their juice is magical shit - link to "radical" site that mentions one of their tests in brief. I did read somewhere that they were testing on rabbits (some tube is severed) to hopefully prove that their drink will cure erectile dysfunction in males. Ahhhh, the Holy Grail of science, making it so old guys can get it up again - and who knew(?), Pom is all it takes! Sorry Pom drinkers, you all will be limp for a while (I know you got no wood if I see you drinkin' Pom, secret is out!!) - the only answer to your problems is a good glory hole - yeah sure there be a guy on the other side, but you don't gotta tell your friends!


Blogger Patrick said...

If it weren't for porn then you'd owe me a case

3:34 AM  

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