Saturday, October 28, 2006

Michael and Roberta Findlay's Snuff and from the Onion: horror for left-wingers and right-wingers

Tonight at Regent Midnight Movies on La Brea in Hollywood, Michael and Roberta Findlay's Snuff. I've read they the pair took a film by another director and added a fake "snuff" ending to the movie. This is gonna suck, but I'm probably going anyway. I should let you know that after some complaining I am on a raffle wining streak having won at Grindhouse and at having won two weeks in a row at Regent, where I last picked up some porno double-feature DVD.

There is almost too much writing about horror movies these days, but I did enjoy this breakdown from the Onion AV Club about horror movies for left-wingers and right-wingers, including Last House on the Left, Deathdream, Eyes Without A Face, and They Live.

Friday, October 27, 2006

a quick look at The Forest and Don't Go in the Woods screening - plus Spikefest

new horror blog - Hog Wild Howls from Razorback Records on the subject of video store classics like Nightbeast and Boarding House.

As I mentioned last post, Tuesday night's Grindhouse double bill was The Forest (1982) playing with Don't Go in the Woods (1982) with Woods director James Bryan in attendance

These two movies compliment each other - they are both pretty bizarre woodland slashers. Think Berserker, Memorial Valley Massacre, or The Prey. Well, this pair is perhaps even more memorable than those fairly odd films. I had not seen The Forest until this screening. I know it made the rounds as a Prism video tape. It's not a gorefest, like I expected it to be, as it has attained minor cult status, yet the movie does have it's sicko moments, including cannibalism and a hilarious sequence involving ghost children explaining matter-of-factly that they killed themselves.

Don't Go in the Woods - I love this movie and have watched it over and over on VHS. It has a very bad rep among mainstream movies fans, as being garbage, but to those among us with taste, well this rocks. Characters in this movie show up just to be killed on screen moments later. It is blatantly obvious that a grim fate awaits these goofy victims - mostly played by crew members, according to the director. As expected, the wheel chair death scene drew a near standing ovation from the audience. I'd been telling people about this kill in advance as it is particularly tasteless. A man in a wheel chair painstakingly makes his way up a dirt mountain trail, with funny sounding music playing as he struggles and falls over repeatedly. Of course upon reaching the top, he is decapitated and his head rolls down the hill.

On to the subject of Spikefest. Spike Cassidy from the thrash band D.R.I. has got cancer and a series of shows are set up nationwide to help pay for his medical bills. Shows include bands like D.I. and Dr. Know. I attended the kickoff show in Long Beach (last Sunday) with a D.R.I. tribute band, Aggression, and a headlining appearance by Gang Green from Boston. It was a stellar show except for the fact that Gang Green's set was cut short by the curfew. A six hour flight for these guys to play seven songs?! Anyway, if you like thrash, crossover metal, or punk, check out the lineups for Spikefest shows in your local area.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Borat movie to open in only 800 theaters cause Americans don't know what it is, no wonder I went to the free screening, also Freak Out from Anchor Bay

Last night, The Forest (1982) and Don't Go in the Woods (1982) played on a double bill at the monthly Grindhouse Film Festival. I hope to go over the highlights of the evening in a future post, but who knows. Both movies are just becoming available from Code Red DVD. Woods director James Bryan was on hand to give a Q+A and sign DVDs, five of which were stolen by some shithead Grindhouse patron. Who could it be? the suspicion will tear us apart!

I won a raffle prize and got booed across the board and had popcorn thrown at me. I am not popular at Grindhouse so it seems, but I bet the thief is less popular than me and I too would throw things at him and take part in angry mob justice.

Anchor Bay is putting out a 2-Disc version of horror/comedy Freak Out from 2004. A look around the internet shows me that people think this movie is pretty funny. It looks very low budget and may or may not be filmed in the director's house, but we don't care about that, do we? I think I'm going to get a copy to review - so I'll give you the full story then. Freak Out is directed by first-timer Christian James and available

Even though I already reviewed the Borat movie
here, American has never heard of it. How can this be? Article from the LA Times.

Fox scales back 'Borat' movie's opening

The comedy will first be shown in 800 theaters, down from 2,000, amid a lack of awareness.

By Josh Friedman and Lorenza Muñoz, Times Staff Writers

October 25, 2006

Moviefilm "Borat" will not be in so much US and A theaters when it opening third of November.

Twentieth Century Fox on Tuesday confirmed that it had slashed by more than half the number of locations where it hoped to debut the mock documentary about a boorish Kazakh TV journalist. On assignment in America, the fictional Borat offends virtually everyone he meets while mangling the English language.

Surveys showed that moviegoers were largely unaware of "Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan," despite well-publicized stunts by its star, Sacha Baron Cohen. His hype endeavors included drawing a crowd of journalists to the White House gates where the British comedian, in character as Borat Sagdiyev, asked to deliver a screening invitation to "Premier George Walter Bush."

"Our research showed it was soft in awareness," said Bruce Snyder, Fox's distribution chief.

Industry analysts could not recall a studio trimming the number of locations so sharply less than two weeks before a film's debut.

Fox had hoped to open "Borat" in more than 2,000 theaters. Instead, the film will start in about 800 locations, then expand to 2,200 the following weekend when Fox hopes the movie will have gained traction. "The movie plays like a concert," Snyder said. "It's great in a theater."

A tracking survey Monday by National Research Group showed that 27% of respondents were aware of "Borat," well behind two competitors opening the same weekend. Of those surveyed, 81% were aware of Walt Disney Co.'s "The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause" and 50% were aware of DreamWorks Animation SKG's "Flushed Away," to be released through Paramount Pictures.

But tracking can be unreliable, film executives said, especially with an unconventional film such as "Borat."

Cohen, a Cambridge University-educated comic, featured the character Borat on his "Da Ali G Show" on Home Box Office. The film version, which is rated R, includes considerable raunch and such outlandish segments as Borat singing the national anthem at a rodeo as he pursues his goal of marrying former "Baywatch" star Pamela Anderson.

Fox has had trouble selling "Borat" outside of the big cities and college towns where Cohen's brand of politically incorrect satire has gathered legions of fans.

Rivals say Fox may have overestimated the breadth of the movie's appeal.

The movie also could be suffering from what one executive called "Snakes on a Plane" syndrome — buzz that peaks too early. After a year of Internet hype, "Snakes" had a disappointing opening this summer for New Line Cinema. Still, that movie was being hyped sight unseen, whereas critics have raved about "Borat."

"It's gotten a lot of publicity, but publicity does not necessarily equal an audience," said analyst Brandon Gray, head of

The "Borat" buzz started building during the Cannes Film Festival in May, when Cohen posed in character on the beach in a neon green sling bikini alongside two models.

Cohen also played a French stock car racer in this summer's hit "Talladega Nights."

Since Cannes, Cohen has stayed relentlessly in character. Even the Kazakhstan government has unwittingly pitched in, buying newspaper ads defending the country's honor and threatening to sue the film's creators for portraying it as backward.

Fox hopes the change in its release strategy will eventually work to its advantage.

For one thing, the studio won't face the pressure of the box-office expectations game. Because of its smaller theater count, analysts won't expect "Borat" to open with a higher gross than "The Santa Clause 3" or "Flushed Away." Films are often tagged a failure if they don't finish in the top two slots.

Fox is hedging its bets by opening where the movie is expected to draw its biggest crowds and generate a high average gross per theater. That could help the studio persuade additional theaters throughout the country to show the film. Later in November, however, "Borat" faces competition from the James Bond thriller "Casino Royale" and the animated "Happy Feet."

Despite the slimmed-down release, "Borat" is almost certain to make money for Fox given that its production budget was a modest $17 million.

Edward Douglas, who writes a box-office column for, said he expected "Borat" to open at $8 million to $9 million and ultimately gross $50 million.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Fallen Angels with David Hess, directed by Jeff Thomas, sneak peak premier at Screamfest LA at the Chinese Theater

Here in LA we are very noncommittal, so a friend told me last night, and I could not agree with him more. All week I've been putting off Screamfest events, and then finding them to be sold-out when I finally decide to head down there. Fallen Angels was guarantee to be a star-studded premier with favorite classic actors of mine, and since the showing was at noon, I had a good feeling about there being some tickets still available day off. Not wanting to be shutout again, I headed down to the Chinese Theater box office and threw down $12 for a ticket at about eleven. Immediately after purchasing my single ticket, one of the producers of the movie gave me two free tickets. Oh, if only I had talked to her a minute earlier. I was able to give one to a friend, still asleep back at my house on the couch, but was unable to find a home for the second. We tried to find someone on the boulevard to give it too, but the costumed street performers were scaring everyone away. Note: the Superman, the most "famous" of the performers attending this screening as did the low-rent Pinhead in a rubber halloween store costume, which is fitting, as Bob Keen who worked on the Hellraiser movies did some of the special effects for this movie.

I'm sure one of my roommates would have come to this screening had she known that Adrianne Curry and her husband, Mr. Peter Brady, would be there posing for a pictures with everybody on a small Fallen Angles red carpet mockup before the movie. Curry appears briefly in the film. Also in attendance were Reggie Bannister (Phantasm) and David Hess (Last House on the Left, House on the Edge of the Park), who sat directly in front of myself and my friend Patrick. Many other cast members were present, and though I am not so much of an expert on non-horror stars, all of the older actors in this movie are screen veterans. The lineup for this movie is huge and director Jeff Thomas remarked before the movie that he did a good job placing these names and faces in roles where they were not appear to be just making a cameo. I agree with him, though the Reggie Bannister scene does stick out. It's pretty funny. He plays opposite WWE star/Playboy covergirl, Christie Hemme.

This movie has no distributor yet. It is clearly not meant for the big screen and suffered a bit from such large projection. I'll cover the flaws first. After nearly every line, heavy music drops. Example: "Birds don't ever nest in here" and then a "dun-dun-dun" type of heavy music hits, lots of low strings and some pretty bad sound effects. The first third of the movie moves too quickly. There are tons of characters and plot elements introduced, many of which are not needed to support the story, which really does not start to make any sense until half way through the film. At that point, when characters are giving some good talking time, the movie starts to get interesting. There is some great dialogue here, great acting, and lots of spiritual talk. I would go so far as to say that this is perhaps the most Christian-themed horror movies I have seen that is not from the Excorcist family of films. Now I'm sure that me saying that will rub some of my readers the wrong way, but I assure you that the sentiments and the cheese, which is laid on thick, is the best part of this movie. Some time after the 80's we got rid of all the sincere, yet syrupy sweet, stuff. That was refreshing at the time, but after 15 years all the irreverence has gotten boring and predictable. Nothing is worse than someone trying to shock and be cutting edge when they are just delivering the same rehashed shit packaged as rebellion. I can't stand it and am ready for some straightforward bullshit as opposed to bullshit that pretends not to be trying hard cause it's so damn cool.

Of course this movie is extremely gory. I love blood baths, but again, this movie is best with the dialogue and story and not all the action scenes with Cenobites running wild really worked for me as I watch about three horror films a week and am pretty familiar with that kind of stuff. The film is set at an Ohio prison, abandoned, the same prison where the Shawshank Redemption was shot. This movie has David Hess in a role unlike any you have never seen him in before. I have no idea what his fans will think, personaly it made my day, but without question it will have even the detractors talking. He deserves to be listed much higher-up in the credits as his role is very important and well, I for one went to see this movie just because he is in it. One theatergoers said Hess was "born to play" this role. Hess said he preferred funnier roles (like Krug?), but later did reveal that he may have had some say into the specifics of what made up this character. I really should give it away, shouldn't I?

Overall I have to give this movie a mixed review as some of it is rather messy, but it does contain some very different elements and delves deeply into discussion about what the director would call the "spiritual" - losses of faith, existence of God, inhumanity, a kid getting thrown into the fire by an angry Catholic Mexican mob, etc. We shall see how this stuff flies in a post-ironic world. Me, if I had the same vision of the director, I would lay it on thick, church bells and all. Other people would say "you can't do that". I'd say, "fuck you, I'm doing it", because I like overkill to the max, really nailing the point home and then some. Like I said above, I'd have a much more positive experience with this movie on DVD, the lighting and picture quality (and perhaps the sound mix quality -maybe that's why I did not like some of the FX) are not high enough for projection in a theater.

Also starring in this movie, Bill Mosley (TCSM 2, Devil's Rejects), Michael Berryman (original Hills Have Eyes, Devil's Rejects), Michael Dorn (Lt. Warf), Kane Hodder (an associate producer to the film as well), and Kevin McCarthy (Ghoulies III).

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

about Google buying Youtube

I am not trying to turn this blog into the Hollywood Reporter, like one friend said.

Google Buys Youtube, the people speak!

I am just happy that I can read the Onion now in LA when I go out for coffee!

Monday, October 16, 2006

nevermind the controversy, here's Borat, and he does not disappoint!

update 11/10/06 : I stand corrected, the Borat movie is more real than I thought, here are my links to TRUE stories.

I saw a screening of the Borat movie yesterday. If you check the imdb, tons of others have seen it despite the November release date. There did not seem to be any reason for the screening yesterday. It was just Borat for free on the Fox Lot, no surveys, no nothing. It was my friend's second time seeing Borat. He saw it maybe 4+ months ago and figures that this screening was just to created buzz. Of course there is a massive buzz about this movie. Good news: my friend does not believe anything was cut out of the movie since last time and in fact believes that it has gotten longer and more vulgar with an additional shot of balls if you must know. I believe these balls to be prosthetic, I mean I'd rather have prosthetic balls in my face than real ones, but my friend thinks that the balls and nudity are all real. Don't get excited about this nudity guys, I mean don't get excited about the nudity in THAT way. There is some nasty stuff in this movie and you will laugh your ass off.

The Controversy pt 1 - The Jews: I don't think there will be much controversy from Jewish groups even though there is way more Jewish material in this movie than expected. The "Throw the Jew Down the Well" controversy has long ago boiled over. The crazy thing about that situation, from the second season of the HBO TV show, is that the fictional Borat actually encouraged anti-Semitism from a real life audience. On film the Jewish jokes mostly occur in staged skits. Sure they are elaborate, but come on, by now everyone should know that Borat is ignorant and that Sacha Baron Cohen is Jewish.

Here is an example of a "controversial" moment. I don't want to put too many hard examples in print for this review as have the fun of this movie are the elements of surprise. When staying with an elderly Jewish couple, Borat and his comrade are convinced that the Jews are going to kill them and that they are shape shifters. When cockroaches come crawling under the door, they are sure that these are the Jews and that they are done for. In order to escape, they throw money at the roaches to distract them and book it out the door and out of the house to safety.

Borat's religion: Borat, we find out, is not Muslim. I could not make out what religion he claimed, but he did say that he "follow the hawk".

The Controversy pt 2 - What is real and what is fake?: On the original TV show, Borat, in character, visits with Americans who do not know that he is portrayed by and actor. Their reactions and words are real. This movie is based on many of those incidents and in fact some of them are repeated, such as a visit to an etiquette coach and a dinner with Southern members of the upper class. Fortunately no jokes are repeated, everything is fresh, but is everything real this time? I think not. For example, Borat and company have to flee the Southern mansion as the cops are on the way. Not likely the case in real life. During another encounter, Borat believes a woman having a yard sale to be a Gypsy with a junk pile, but at this yard sale he happens to find a book that is integral to the plot.

Only a handful of characters in this movie are credited as actors. Still, it is hard to believe that many of the Americans, who are playing themselves, are not in on the joke this time as the movie fits together so seamlessly. Discerning reality from the fictional plot is something that seams to disturb many imdb commentators, but I say, "let it go". Just enjoy the movie. Real or fake, valid points are being made. Even if some of the lines from rednecks, middle-Americans, and frat boys, may not be genuine, they are awfully similar to lines from Da Ali G Show that were for certain authentic. Sacha Baron Cohen appears to pull of some of his in character public stunts, but today I think a lot more people are familiar with Borat, even in middle America. In any case, everyone will be, this movie is going to be huge.

The Controversy pt 3 - Kazakhstan: I don't think anyone in American cares that the country of Kazakhstan is upset by this movie. The Kazakhstan scenes, some of the funniest in the movie, are all shot in Romania.

The Controversy pt 4 - Hollywood Street Performers: You know how I have repeatedly
trashed, in this blog, the local street performers that can be found outside of the Chinese Theater? Well a couple of them are in the movie, but do not fear, none of the ones I hate are shown. The one guy, with the wings and sickle, I respect him as his character is his own, he did not lift it from a recent super hero movie. We also get to see one of the more recent super-low-rent-Halloween-store Grim Reapers in a fight scene, and this is hilarious.

Reviews so far have been overwhelmingly positive. Here are the rare negative imdb user reviews, good for a laugh, but caution, they contain spoilers...

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Blood Orgy of the She Devils last night at Regent Midnight Movies

We got from Venice Beach to the Regent in Hollywood in well under a half hour after attending a wrap party for the Flags of Our Fathers movie. Of course Regent Midnight Movies starts late, so we could have took our time. The crowd was pretty small as I think most people know that Blood Orgy of the She Devils sucks. This print was loaned from Ted V. Mikels himself. I actually half enjoyed the picture. It's the best Mikels film I've seen. I will admit that I did try to take a nap, but failed due to uncomfortable seats and crippling freezing cold. Yeah, I admit I have no body fat, but I was wearing two t-shirts, a hoody, and a bomber jacket zipped up, plus a hat and I pulled up my hood. The is no explanation for this sub zero temperature in a movie theater.

My friend took a smoking break and was gone for easily 60% of the movie and this was a relief to me as when he was present he consistently yelled drunken obscenities at the screen. If there had been more than ten people there, someone would have minded. I think every person was drunk, but me. I'm not putting down Regent Midnight Movies, I will be there for Bloodsucking Freaks on the 21st and I expect the crowd to be hot and significantly larger than last night's crowd. I actually did win the raffle last night, I shit you not, and won a poster from some William Lustig movie.

Adam Trash picked a significantly better short film to open the movie this week compared to the awful highway patrol movie from last week. He played some movie about a circus family juggling and spliced a bunch of the best gore scenes from Pieces into the middle of it. I was amused.

Blood Orgy, I know this is gonna sound weird, might be a movie better enjoyed in the comfort of your own home, so you can take breaks, naps in bed, read at a book at the same time, or whatever. One scene is particularly brutal, where a witch is stoned at point blank range, even if the rocks are obviously foam or paper, as she is getting hit in the face with them and stuff.

I gotta say that the "Indian" seance scene is a must see where the head witch speaks as a Native American brave and says everything short of "How" to a crowd of white clients. This is NOT a direct quote, but imagine stuff like "You should no take the giant silver bird across the great water".

Saturday, October 14, 2006

we ain't gettin' nowheres here in the Hollywood Hills

Well, I have lots of problems so blog updates have been infrequent lately. Unfortunately the steady stream of movie coming out is a shit stream so it won't be distracting me very much. At least there are a few bright spots. I went to a crew screening of Flags of Our Fathers as a guest. This movie, set to come out October 20th, should please war movies fans and is free from the moral preaching that made everybody sick in Saving Private Ryan. I was left lying awake the night I saw Flags (not because of my real problems, but because of the heaviness of the movie!) and maybe you will be too. My blog is not really one of those blogs full of spoilers for those nerds who need to know plot details in advance, so I'll keep quiet about those kind of things for now.

I'm going to get to see the Borat movie tomorrow and I sure hope it does not let me down.

The Robin Williams movie Man of the Year is getting really bad reviews. The Marine isn't getting any reviews at all. It must be hidden from the critics.

Blood Orgy of the She Devils tonight at Regent Midnight Movies.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Blood Orgy of the She Devils, Bloodsucking Freaks, at Regent Midnight Movies

Recently single, I've been going out a lot, to many different types of things. Last night I was treated to free tickets to see L.A. Guns. While my favorite forms of music tend to be thrash and the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, I've never really stopped listening to the bands that got me into metal as a kid. What I'd like to share about L.A. Guns is that there were tons of attractive girls at this show, not what I expected. In fact, the washed up nasty hair metal chicks of the past (now middle-aged) were pretty much completely absent. There is a new generation of girls replacing them, and that could not have been around during the late 80's.

Oh, the Sunset Strip-rocking males of the 80's, they ARE still around. They look like shit now, too bad.

So I did not meet any girls at L.A. Guns, oh no... I'm am the weirdo that goes to stuff like Grindhouse and ends up sitting alone. Since the Grindhouse Film Festivals are not enough, my friend Adam has started his own midnight Saturday nights at the Regent on La Brea. Zombie was this Saturday's show and it was wicked sick. That movie is about 1000 times better on the big screen. I think that this is Adam's personal print and is one of the first print's that he ever bought. It is in great shape. October 14th will be Blood Orgy of the She Devils. October 21st will be Bloodsucking Freaks. It's seven dollars per night - here are all the details. Lots of good trailers from Adam's collection role before the movie. Will I be at every show? I'm not sure, but probably most of them. Oh yeah, in the spirit of Grindhouse there is a raffle. I have not won one of these in a long time. Rig that shit for me please!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

puff pieces and what's coming out of the Doritos corporate gloryhole - for aspiring filmmakers

One magazine I never like to read is the free publication FLM where the director's of indie films sound off about their projects. This shit will make you wanna vomit. Who pays to put this mag out? Well there are two good pieces in this month's issue (portions of it on-line), one with director Kevin Macdonald on Last King of Scotland and one on American Hardcore. Note to future directors: try harder not to sound like pussies and you guys talking about sex doesn't do shit for me.

New topic - worse: I really like the staff and teachers at the school where I take my film classes, however I found on the bulletin board a web printout of yet another crappy film competition - and what's more it was marked with a sharpee with something like "Hey guys, you could totally do this and win!" What is it that got the department coordinator all excited? A chance to make to make a Doritos commercial that is will air during a 30 second Super Bowl spot. Ok, yes winning this could get you a real job. Yes, being in the top 5 could get you some prize money - but think about all the idiot film students nationwide crafting out their little odes to Doritos. Ok, so their buddies can watch watch this shit on Yahoo! Video and laugh, cause commercials are funny right? Well no, commercials are not that funny and I can think of a lot of better stuff to watch on-line than a flood of PG-rated Doritos commercials. Yet I am not a die hard Doritos fan, though PepsiCo seems to be sure these exist, these awesome people who define themselves by brands of food that they eat.

I can't find the exact same pitch that was posted on the board, but this
article at CNNmoney is sufficiently full of fabricated excitement and faggy quotes about "phenomenons", "user-generated video craze", "the reality driven world", and another one from the VP of marketing "today we are most inspired by the people who love Doritos chips". Here is what ought to be done about these people. Grab the VP, his interns, the guy who wrote this shit at CNNmoney, and take them all down to the local indie movie theater's men's room - you might recall I mentioned the stall with the glory hole. One by one, force each man's head down on the dick, I don't care if it's an AIDS dick, a Hep C dick, whatever. Don't let them go till they swallow. I propose this as the cure to PepsiCo's wacky on-line, D.I.Y., aspiring filmmaker, marketing campaign.

Now you ask, "Warren, what makes you so pure, did you not just shoot a TV commercial this weekend and not get paid for it?" Well yes, but there was no budget, but wait, it is THE commercial, not a submission to a contest. I'm was taken advantage of on a much, much, smaller scale and the odds of it paying off for me are much better - better than being one of a million camcorder nerds who do free work for multinational PepsiCo.

Here is the complete text of the article, break out the barf bags once again:

Doritos: You create our Super Bowl commercial Snack food maker issues challenge to consumers. The best user-generated commercial for Doritos will air in next year's Super Bowl.

NEW YORK ( -- Ever watch a lousy TV commercial and think that you could do a better job than the marketing agency who was probably paid a big fat fee?

Well, Doritos will give you a chance to show why you're more creative than Madison Avenue...and on the world's biggest stage for advertising, the Super Bowl.

Pepsi's Frito-Lay division is launching an unusual promotion for Doritos: average consumers will have the chance to create a commercial that will air during next year's Super Bowl.

Doritos, the snack food made by PepsiCo's (Charts) Frito-Lay division, announced on Thursday that it wants ordinary consumers to submit ads for Doritos between October 2 and December 1 and that the best ad will air during the Super Bowl, an event that last year was viewed by more than 90 million people in the U.S.

The promotion is being done in conjunction with Yahoo! Video, the online video site owned by the popular search engine. The aspiring commercial directors can use tools from Yahoo (Charts) to create and upload their videos.

Doritos will select five finalists in January and those ads will air on Yahoo's video site where people can go to watch and vote for their favorite. A marketing executive from Doritos said that the company is hoping to capitalize on the user-generated video craze.

Privately held YouTube has rapidly become one of the most buzzed about sites on the Web thanks to quirky videos submitted by users. News Corp.'s (Charts) MySpace, Yahoo and Google (Charts) are all trying to cash in on the popularity of user-generated content as well. And last month Sony agreed to buy online video site Grouper.

"In today's increasingly reality-driven world, people are looking for new ways to interact with, help shape and even personalize what is important to them," said Ann Mukherjee, vice president of marketing for Doritos, in a statement. "While we've had great success with star-studded Super Bowl commercials in years past, today we are most inspired by the people who love Doritos chips."

But for Doritos, banking on amateur video directors to make a successful commercial has some big financial risks. Companies spent an average of $2.5 million for a 30-second spot during this year's Super Bowl XL, which aired on Walt Disney (Charts)-owned ABC.

CBS will air Super Bowl XLI on February 4, 2007 and during a media industry conference earlier this week, CBS (Charts) CEO Leslie Moonves said his network was already starting to see healthy demand for commercial time during next year's game.

Still, one executive of an online video company said that Doritos may start a trend, namely that having consumers make their commercials could be a much cheaper way to advertise than hiring a high-profile ad agency.

"The phenomenon of user-generated content could help advertisers to drive costs down. For that, user video is perfect," said Gary Baker, president of ClipBlast!, a privately held online video search firm. "I'd expect advertisers to take more intriguing risks."