Saturday, October 28, 2006

Michael and Roberta Findlay's Snuff and from the Onion: horror for left-wingers and right-wingers

Tonight at Regent Midnight Movies on La Brea in Hollywood, Michael and Roberta Findlay's Snuff. I've read they the pair took a film by another director and added a fake "snuff" ending to the movie. This is gonna suck, but I'm probably going anyway. I should let you know that after some complaining I am on a raffle wining streak having won at Grindhouse and at having won two weeks in a row at Regent, where I last picked up some porno double-feature DVD.

There is almost too much writing about horror movies these days, but I did enjoy this breakdown from the Onion AV Club about horror movies for left-wingers and right-wingers, including Last House on the Left, Deathdream, Eyes Without A Face, and They Live.


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