Saturday, October 14, 2006

we ain't gettin' nowheres here in the Hollywood Hills

Well, I have lots of problems so blog updates have been infrequent lately. Unfortunately the steady stream of movie coming out is a shit stream so it won't be distracting me very much. At least there are a few bright spots. I went to a crew screening of Flags of Our Fathers as a guest. This movie, set to come out October 20th, should please war movies fans and is free from the moral preaching that made everybody sick in Saving Private Ryan. I was left lying awake the night I saw Flags (not because of my real problems, but because of the heaviness of the movie!) and maybe you will be too. My blog is not really one of those blogs full of spoilers for those nerds who need to know plot details in advance, so I'll keep quiet about those kind of things for now.

I'm going to get to see the Borat movie tomorrow and I sure hope it does not let me down.

The Robin Williams movie Man of the Year is getting really bad reviews. The Marine isn't getting any reviews at all. It must be hidden from the critics.

Blood Orgy of the She Devils tonight at Regent Midnight Movies.


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