Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The Unborn (1991)

This is a nasty killer fetus movie from Roger Corman and director Rodman Flender. It features forgettable background music from Gary Numan. Lisa Kudrow shows up in one scene. I hate her.

I had a poster for this movie, but I left it on the floor with some crap posters and then they were destroyed in a flood. Now I find out that this movie was good! ^$^#%%^$&$!!! anyway... about the movie...

Lesbians, portrayed as anti-male, run a Lamaze class and a women makes a smart remark about a turkey baster. Then she follows up by saying "suck my dick" to one of the lesbians. The main character, who we are sympathetic too, laughs at this joke, so the homophobic remarks are not being frowned upon by the filmmaker. That's it though, the gays are not excessively demonized as star Brooke Adams tries to contact them later for help. I won't mention what happens in that scene cause it's a shocker the caught me by surprise.

Shocks? Sure, it's pretty bloody for a 90's film, from a decade where a lot of filmmakers played it safe. In one scene (spoiler coming), two back alley abortionists look at Mrs. Adam's vagina and make some comments about it that neither Cub not I could make out on our muffled video tape. We got the impressing that it was messed up looking (the rest of her has a rash) and if I'd made the movie we would've been treated to shot a shot of a prosthetic vagina with gross deformities and evidence of the impending birth of this super fetus. I doubt such a scene was filmed and cut, this movie does not go that far, although their are fetus explosions and the guts do rain down from above.

The movie does not take a stance on abortion which is maybe why we the abortionists survive unscathed. A better movie would have an army of surviving fetuses tear them to bits. We HAVE TO see that scene in a film someday. The fetuses are extremely strong and intelligent, genetically programed to be a new master race, though skin color is not mentioned as an issue. The real monster is of course the doctor behind the project. As I a see it, the fetuses are innocent, they can't help it if they are born superhuman.

I was was raised pro-choice because I'm from Massachusetts and my parents work in schools and in higher education. Religion played a part in my life, but when in CCD they told us to pledge ourselves to the pro-life cause, I had to laugh. To me that was like believing in creationism, it was an anti-intellectual view. My parents are pro-choice, but still church goers.

I grew older and joined many left wing groups in high school and college and things like the belief in gay rights are still with me, but that's another discussion entirely.

Going vegan changed me the most because at that point I was rejecting behaviors that I'd been taught were ok since birth, meat eating, use of animal products, etc... Then one day I made a strange connection, why do I think it is wrong to kill a simple fish, but believe the of killing a fetus is something I should be fighting for? Surely some fetuses have as much consciousness as fish? Eventually, and it took a long time, I decided that if meat is murder then abortion must be murder as well. I'd questioned the more traditional beliefs I'd been raised with and then also questioned the 'progressive' beliefs that came with them as well.

So what' the deal, do I protest the clinics? No, but I don't protest meat eating establishments anymore either. I don't oppose the idea of protesting, but I see it done wrong more often than not. I prefer to lead by example, by being a healthy vegan, and as far thinking abortion is murder, the only thing I'm likely to do is share my opinion if I get the chance. I just did. See The Unborn, its awesome.

One more note. Suppose you were the signer of a vegan straight edge band in the 90's and were also pro-life. On a date with a hot hardcore chick you explained that you don't have sex because if the girl gets pregnant, you know that with your convictions their is no easy way out. Do you propose to her that the only safe alternative is to go up the back door? Nooo! I've got two words for you... JERK OFF!

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Brotherhood of Satan (1971)

First of all, the Vice Magazine site, rates the mascots for thrash metal bands in an article this month. Among those in the running are Martha from the Accused, Sergeant D (they say the monster in House is him!), and the Voivod tank. Missing from competition: The M.O.D. shark and the Uncle Sam from the Uncle Slam records. M.O.D. used an Uncle Sam for a few records too. Mascots have to be on more than one record to qualify, so the surfing guy on the Sacred Reich EP is out.

Also unrelated, I saw the Amityville Horror remake and was disappointed. The movie is faced paced and exciting for a bit, then last few bits just totally suck. I was reminded of Cold Creek Manor, a movie that slips my usually slips my mind when I am asked what's the worst movie I ever seen on the big screen. I often answer Darkness, Darkness Falls, or House of the Dead.

Brotherhood of Satan comes from Bernard McEveety who appears to have directed a lot of television shows. Writer L.Q. Jones made A Boy and His Dog, a cult movie I've seen selling at ridiculously high prices. I've had this tape for a while, it would not play on my last two VCR's due to tracking difficulties. I'd tried to sit through the opening scene several times because it looked so promising. A battery powered toy tank is contrasted with shot of real tank (or bulldozer) treads crushing shit. Neat. The theme of miniatures becoming real and dangerous is repeated when a sculpture of a medieval knight is shown in a living room, then later the man who owned it is decapitated by a full size black knight on horse back. No explanation is offered, and the same can be said for most of the creepy phenomena, which makes it all the more bizarre. There are a lot of satanic cult movies out there, and of course they are all good, but this one could be the best. Let's not forget the killer doll, who induces seizures, and then sheds a single tear.

I've been a real slacker about taking pictures of my tapes for the internet, but if I've got a strange edition of the video that I can't find pictured on ebay or on another horror site, I've got no choice but to show it off. Look at this artwork (left), a funny looking drawing of what's on the more common cover (right).

Thursday, April 21, 2005

604 XslutkrewX

If you liked or did not like my article on Winky the Dogmules sXe vegan HATE page... I really have no idea what the consensus on it was, but I'm digging up another page. This one from 2000, not 1996, the 604 XslutkrewX site. I tried to find some of my other favorites, Hessian Hellcats, Julian's Sexy Scenesters, but I either deleted the links from my old website or had no luck working the internet wayback machine.. (a great tool, some of your old websites could be archived there)

Anyway, I'm becoming an internet archeologist, digging up the old sites and seeing how much the scenester culture has change since then. It's absolutely fascinating to me, what can I say?

1st, some current links:

Angry White Kid - his recent post titled 'Don't Forget Your Roots' - "In this case I'm talking about one's roots of activism. I started on my Angry White Kid path when I was 15 and my sister harassed me enough to go vegetarian. Yes, I was an old-school animal rights activist. For a variety of reasons, I don't fraternize much with that movement anymore." Angry White Kid, formerly vegan scott (don't think I knew him), is going vegan again! His blog is entertaining, serving up the dirt on juicy topics like Israel vs. Palestine, you can't get any more controversial than that.

Pitchfork Media on some famous artists blogs - Moby's blog and Durst's blog get bad reviews.

Tyson on Earth Crisis - Tyson's enjoyable writing on his myspace account, you might need an account to read it.

The 604 XslutkrewX, pre-makeoutclub, this site had a handful of member profiles and then a boy/girl of the month, you could submit yourself. See the x'd-up anime characters, guys in basketball jerseys, girls in bandana's and hoodies, emo glasses, the liberal use of the letter 'x', identifying yourself by area code, and 'shoutouts' - artifacts of another time!

Also not - this page represented a time period when hardcore was in transition, moving from sportswear Victory period to a time where more rock n' roll and punk elements of fashion and music became acceptable. Sex? Well besides the name (see the bio section), this site does not get into detail, but around this time we saw hardcore start to change from sterile and asexual (girls in massive hoodies and baggy cargo pants/boys saying that not sleeping around is tied to straight edge) to the super sexual state it's in now.

interesting comments in the guestbook? Not too many, it's kind of painful to read actually, but this one touches on fashion, can't tell if it's a joke or not, but it mentions the switch from JNCO's to cuffed pants:

hey its size 36 ECKO unltd. jeans not size 50 jnco....jnco are ugly.....oh and its not that you "got over" it or "grew up" its that you are trendy!...its just not as cool to where big pants anymore. oh and i really like after the fall it would be cool if you guys got it togather and put somthing not joking i do..its good music *quality...esp the cover of "paint it black" that song is about hardcore kids hair right? but yeah im just not cool cuz my pant legs GO PAST MY FUCKING ANKLE. HARDCORE not much more than shittalking,backstabbing,style,AOL,and of course tuffguys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think i'll be a hiphop kid its got style and it still has meaning in the "underground". REDDING RULES!(i moved here for the fine dining

so, you can still visit this site, it's gathering dust on a geocities server, and here is the link to
604 XslutkrewX

thanks for reading.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Ultimate Warrior crosses the line!

The College Republicans at the University of Connecticut (article) (or if that's not working) called forth the Ultimate Warrior to speak out for their cause, however, they weren't banking on him to making statements like "queering don't make the world work" and later, "get a towel", to an Arab-American student who confronted him. Well I've been aware of the Warrior's all-American website for sometime now and already knew that was is a homophobe, but how about a racist? Well.. I don't know... I mean I doubt he has an aversion towards blacks, but that line about the towel? ...yeah that's bad stuff.

Ultimate Maniac!

So the internet is loving this story. Website puts up a link to the Warrior's site (it's got a much better design now than when I last visited!) and calls it Awful Link of the Day. So began a war of words with the Warrior's "Director of Communications", Chris Lewis. Read it all
here and laugh. This Lewis guy is a jerk and he and the Warrior cross the line when... and I quote from his letter where the public posting of the Warrior's e-mail address (on of course) is the issue at hand...

I'm also sure that you realize that you've only made matters worse for yourself by passing along my email address to your minions so they can harass or threaten me. How cowardly of you to bring in others when you simply lack the fortitude to stand up for yourself! At this point, I've already tracked down two of the emails from your fans - one from Truman State University and one from Sonoma State University. I've had long talks with the IT supervisors at each school. The young men that YOU brought into what could have otherwise been a simple and civil disagreement are now facing disciplinary actions - including suspension from their respective universities - because they were foolish enough to bite on your plea to have your little followers harass or threaten me.

Ah, so it's the Ultimate Tattle-Tale, the Ultimate Snitch. Getting the college disciplinary boards involved? Those are the people who treat plagiarism as a sin worse than rape and assault. Those are the people who fear the internet, because of the possibilities of illegal file sharing going on using school computers. Ultimate Warrior, you have made an unholy allies and hurt every unlucky student at those schools. Now they will face more restrictions, perhaps fear that big brother is reading their mail, anything they say could be regarded as, the horror of horrors... libel!

Ultimate Warrior, you have become the opposite of what you stand for, an enemy of freedom!

Sunday, April 17, 2005

winky the dogmule

I've been thinking about the internet pages of the past and how out dated they are today. It was a smaller web back in 1996 and us nerds with our own sites would contact each other about trading links and sharing graphics and what not. Sometimes I try to track down the sites I used to visit and sometimes I have some success. For some reason today I thought of a site I used to dislike and the fun filled feud I had with the webmaster. I though it was called Winky the Dogmules sXe vegan hate page, but I was a little off. The actual title was Winky, The Magic Dogmuled Haircatcher's: sXe/vegan/hardcore/punk/whatever HATE pages!

It was the fall of 1996. I had my first internet connection on my new mac in my dorm room at Hamilton College in upstate New York. In the wee hours of the morning I'd work on my newest project, my first website called Total Liberation. It covered everything from militant vegan straight edge rants to news about me not getting along with my roommate. I don't know if Winky contacted me first or if I discovered his site on my own, but we quickly began our guestbook war. It started with a single post that Winky left in mine. Using html you could make images that were hosted on your own site (or any site out there) appear in the guestbook that you were signing. Winky not only left a bunch of his large pro-meat graphics (including moving cow gifs and blood dripping gifs), but also three frames that included all the links and code of his Meatatarian Webring. I did not delete his post because I did not believe in censorship and I was not really bothered anyway. Then a few days later Winky did this again, however this time he left that massive post 80 times in a row.

In those days the internet was slower and computers could not handle as much data. Removing all those posts was a slow and painful process. Winky hit me with that shit three or four more times before I first retaliated. I went to his site's guestbook and filled it up with crap using the same exact code he'd used on me, his own graphics and webring. Winky was undeterred. He shot me an e-mail saying a could not beat him because - and I remember this quote - "spam is a meat product". Once more he stuffed my guestbook with fifteen pages of his graphics-heavy shit. I was frustrated and making it so my guestbook entries would not appear until after I approved them did not help. The entries took just as long to delete during the approval process as they did through other ways. I was out gunned, but then I thought of a little plan...

Winky did not give a shit if anyone fucked with him. He was a pro. Other people, they would not take someone fucking with their page so well. Web pages take a long time to make, especially then before Dreamweaver. The guestbook was the place where feedback appears and was highly valued, kind of like all you guys' MySpace pages are now. I went to the other sites in the Meatatarian Webring and found that a bunch of them had their own guestbooks. I spammed each one of them with Winky's graphics and code, like 50 times each. I said something like "Your friend Winky has been spamming my guestbook over and over. See how it feels. I'll keep ruining all of your guestbooks until he stops spamming mine".

That was the end of that really. I tried to find the old entries, but half of my ancient guestbook was deleted. I did find one, which I believe, if I remember correctly, was from a vegetarian/sXe page that was in the Meatatarian Ring because the girl wanted to be open minded. Here it is:

does this e-mail that you sent me look familiar, fuckhead? how about the entry in my guestbook a few months back? if you really are the person who's been spamming ppl's guestbooks who belong to the meatatarian web ring *this is what i was told*, you are the biggest disgrace to the sXe/vegan movement..i find it hard to believe that anyone could care more about an animal than you do yr fellow human beings! what the fuck has a animal ever done for you?! NOTHING!! animals are allowed to eat each other, but when a human wants to eat them, it's wrong?!? all i have to say is: YR A FUCKING HYPOCRITE!! i'm not going to tell you that i hope you rot in hell for what you are doing b/c i have more respect for the human race than you do..and it goes against my morals..

i hope you go down..


I love that shit. I really should see how many of my old e-mails and junk I can find and put that stuff up here. People were so passionate in the 90's. Whatever.

Anyway, Winky the Dogmule's site has been preserved! Yes, at something called Even if you never visited it on geocities the first time around, this site should take you back with it's pictures of Earth Crisis, Into Another, and maybe even Soulstice, I can't tell. He rips on everything.
See for yourself!

Holy Shit! I just discovered, cause I'm looking at the site now, he rips on one of MY OLD DRAWINGS on
page 13 of his site! I never saw this before, I swear to God! I'll replicate it:

Winky: Well, look what somebody drew for us in their preschool class today? It's a picture of a South Park character sporting some straight edge gear and propaganda! I'm sorry, if you can't draw a picture of those SIMPLE South Park characters, you might as well call it quits pal. They're simple SHAPES for crissake! And South Park is another fad that's going to die just as quickly as it came in. It's a lame show that has ripped off tons of other shows. Here's a page with someone who agrees with me. It's called The Anti-South Park Page. Finally, somebody out there agrees with me about the stupidity of this overrated show. It's no wonder the morons in the sXe/vegan community would support such mindless crap.

Anyway, the conclusion is, Winky's page is really funny and I secretly always thought so. The best parts are the e-mail exchanges between him and vegan/sXe kids where they get pissed. By now sure 95% of those fuckers have sold out, and they were so adamant at the time. Oh well, good riddance.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed my trip into internet history. I intend to explore other long forgotten sites. Go Vegan. xxx

Thursday, April 14, 2005

National Museum of Animal Cruelty

In horror news, I've been to busy to go to the theaters. Last time I went was Easter Sunday where I caught the Korean smash Oldboy. It might still be playing at the university theaters around the country, not sure. Everyone is in love with this movie, except for the LA Weekly/OC Weekly critic who wrote an anti-Oldboy review in the form of a letter to Quentin Tarantino(!?!?!). Don't ask why.

Also read
this blog which has recently changed from raves about Franz Ferdinand and Interpol to the tale of a zombie epidemic.

I wrote a paper for school and did the assignment totally wrong. I don't know what I was I thinking, didn't skip class or anything, just went and did my own thing. We were supposed to use all sort of techniques learned from the text, I did not use a single one. Worse yet, it did not meet the five page requirement and that means it went unread by the Prof. I've got to write a new paper, but here is an excerpt from my proposal for building a National Museum of Animal Cruelty, weird stuff you could read.

Once inside the lobby, the crowds are still massive, but not festive. Large murals of cows and pigs making pained faces on their way to slaughter will hang from the walls and set a very somber tone. No one should be going into this place laughing or chattering about the latest celebrity gossip.

The tunnel into the exhibit hall is long and dark and is strictly an auditory experience. Actual recordings of animals moaning during slaughter are pumped in from overhead speakers at rock concert volume. Occasionally lighted signs flicker on the left and right. They are miniature versions of the McDonald's and Burger King signs that we see outside of these restaurants on nearly every street in America. Of course these companies won't authorize the use of their logo's in an exhibit that criticizes everything that they stand for. In order to avoid lawsuits the lettering on these smaller signs will be deliberately misspelled, but none the less, everyone will be familiar with the icons.

Everything that happens on the slaughter house's killing floor must be shown in this museum and I see no reason for the gory details not to be the first bit of visual stimulation the visitors will encounter among the exhibits. The dark tunnel exits into a large room that is a replica of a factory farm, only with wax animals filling the cages. I have seen wax figures and life like prosthetics, made for use in movie special effects, that even at a distance of just a few feet could pass for the real things. Our museum's animals will be sculpted by the finest artisans from Madame Tussauds London Wax Museum. Hollywood prop effects people, probably out of work due the industries recent use of computer generated images, can put lots of time into making some human figures move to operate bolt guns and chainsaws. A series of pumps and drains can allow for blood to continuously poor from the wounds of the dying creatures. I thought perhaps that so much blood could squirt from the animals that museum goers would have to protect their clothes with plastic ponchos, as real slaughter house workers have to do in order not to be soaked by the red precious fluids. Though it would be impressive for the exhibit to interact with more senses than those of the eyes and ears, the slaughter house replica ought not to be turned into anything resembling a splish-splash type of amusement park ride.

After witnessing the simulated slaughter of cows and pigs, a catwalk takes visitors to yet another factory themed room, this one full of cages packed with animatronic chickens. Once again there will be a loud soundtrack, since chicken farms are known to be deafening due to the insane amount of the squawking animals per square foot. Visitors will have the option of wearing earplugs. At the far end of the room, actual footage of real mechanical chicken slaughter is shown. The animals are hung alive by their feet and then dipped in electrified water that is supposed to kill them, but sometimes does not. Then they are suspended over a spinning fan blade that beheads perhaps one chicken per second. If museum goers have not had enough images of killing burned into their brains, then complimentary tickets to the Museum of Animal Cruelty's Omni Theater are available. "The Butchering of Bessy" will be shown on a fifteen story screen.

The next part of the exhibit could prove to be even more controversial, as it will focus on the men behind the murders of the animals. Slaughterhouse workers are not the target, rather it's meat companies and fast food executives and CEOs who are getting rich off of animal exploitation who are at fault. Real people will be profiled, such as the late Dave Thomas of Wendy's fame. The TV commercials where he came off as cute and fatherly will look absurd after just having witnessed the death and misery that his company promotes. An Animal Exploitation Hall of Scum will be decorated with photos of the industry's top dogs smiling. Pictures of their mansions and expensive cars will be on display as well. A special section can focus on local millionaires, whose children might see pictures of their own parents when their school brings them to the museum for a field trip. They will be ashamed when the other kids whisper "Isn't that Lisa's Dad in that picture? Is he one of the murdering scum?!"

Of course the board of directors at our museum don't hate everyone. After all, they are former animal exploiters themselves. Almost nobody I've ever met was born vegan and most had to witness or learn about unpleasant atrocities before they changed. The people they are fighting, the meat eaters and consumers of animal products, are in many cases their own family and friends. It is easy to feel sympathy for museum goers who are upset about the exhibits or are even outright angry about them, after all, many of us have probably put up similar defense mechanisms in the past when we first were approached about the horrors of animal exploitation. For this reason the museum ends on a positive note, with monitors showing happy farm animals allowed to live out their natural lives' at a sanctuary. Tips on how to reduce animal suffering in your personal life will scroll underneath the screen. Every little bit helps, even if it only mean substituting a few animal products with vegan alternatives. Certainly their will be a vegan cafe and a gift shop where the crowds can start making cruelty-free choices with their money. Museum workers dressed in soft, oversized cow and pig costumes will give great big hugs to everyone on their way out to the busy New York City streets. The last thing visitors see is a smiling pig waving good-bye, as they walk out the gates into the meat eating world.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Frozen Terror (1980)

Frozen Terror is the cut version of Macabro or Marcabre. I do my research on movies after having watching them, so as not to spoil things for myself. Cub chose this video out of the stack, based on the cover. I was a little apprehensive, expecting some silly stuff like Microwave Massacre. No worries, the opening credits revealed it to be obviously Italian and directed by none other than Lamberto Bava.

How cut is my tape? That's what I want to know. Just how sexy does this women get with her dead lover's severed head? I think the decapitation scene on my video may be missing a shot or two, but it would be a real shame if the love scenes were shortened and Cub and I missed some nasty shit.

I'm wondering why this movie is a fan favorite. I liked it, but I'm not going to rave about it. The pacing is slow, in part because the blind protagonist moves about too slowly, with his hands outstretched, like he's groping in the dark. The plot holes are obvious. How did the head get put in the freezer? How come the unused freezer was powered (if it was ever off the head would have turned to mush) for the five years that the woman was locked up in the mental ward?

I'm the first to say that plot inconsistencies don't matter as long as we've got good horror. Well, there are no suspenseful moments in this picture. They is plenty of scenes that attempt suspense, but fall flat, probably because the music is so poor that it failed to manipulate my emotions in any way.

Frozen Terror, the Lightening Video edition

caution: Cub Speaks this week will include spoilers about the end of Frozen Terror!!!

You really liked this movie, why?

Yes baby cubber I loved this movie because the plot was so captivating and absolutely grotesque.

How come you wanted the little girl to be in the movie more? She was rotten and drowned her brother in the tub.

The little girl was an absolute terror and she played her role beautifully. We knew she was crazy from the second we saw her in the opening scene.

When the severed head came to life and bit the guy on the neck... that couldn't really happen, right?

The severed head biting the neck was quite off the wall. I was not expecting that to happen although for one brief sec I thought the head might actually talk. And no.... it would never happen in real life, unless you were a really naughty naughty boy.

(you think this shit is sickeningly sweet, you should see our private e-mails to each other!!)

it just gets worse...

The spyware wants to destroy my computer.

I figure I can't beat them. I will join them and am putting my Grimiss Emoticon-ware onto your computer. It has a re-direct and bundleware and pop-ups and even a toolbar search. No firewall can stop it. It's too late.

Mcdonald's can't stop me either. I changed the spelling and added an armband. So it's different now. I can't be sued.

I actually saw some death metal band with the singer wearing an armband like that. I don't know who, it was at a metal fest with a hundred boring bands. Fests blow, but I am going to Coachella. You will hear all about it.

I am stressed out.