Friday, April 08, 2005

Frozen Terror (1980)

Frozen Terror is the cut version of Macabro or Marcabre. I do my research on movies after having watching them, so as not to spoil things for myself. Cub chose this video out of the stack, based on the cover. I was a little apprehensive, expecting some silly stuff like Microwave Massacre. No worries, the opening credits revealed it to be obviously Italian and directed by none other than Lamberto Bava.

How cut is my tape? That's what I want to know. Just how sexy does this women get with her dead lover's severed head? I think the decapitation scene on my video may be missing a shot or two, but it would be a real shame if the love scenes were shortened and Cub and I missed some nasty shit.

I'm wondering why this movie is a fan favorite. I liked it, but I'm not going to rave about it. The pacing is slow, in part because the blind protagonist moves about too slowly, with his hands outstretched, like he's groping in the dark. The plot holes are obvious. How did the head get put in the freezer? How come the unused freezer was powered (if it was ever off the head would have turned to mush) for the five years that the woman was locked up in the mental ward?

I'm the first to say that plot inconsistencies don't matter as long as we've got good horror. Well, there are no suspenseful moments in this picture. They is plenty of scenes that attempt suspense, but fall flat, probably because the music is so poor that it failed to manipulate my emotions in any way.

Frozen Terror, the Lightening Video edition

caution: Cub Speaks this week will include spoilers about the end of Frozen Terror!!!

You really liked this movie, why?

Yes baby cubber I loved this movie because the plot was so captivating and absolutely grotesque.

How come you wanted the little girl to be in the movie more? She was rotten and drowned her brother in the tub.

The little girl was an absolute terror and she played her role beautifully. We knew she was crazy from the second we saw her in the opening scene.

When the severed head came to life and bit the guy on the neck... that couldn't really happen, right?

The severed head biting the neck was quite off the wall. I was not expecting that to happen although for one brief sec I thought the head might actually talk. And no.... it would never happen in real life, unless you were a really naughty naughty boy.

(you think this shit is sickeningly sweet, you should see our private e-mails to each other!!)


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