Sunday, April 17, 2005

winky the dogmule

I've been thinking about the internet pages of the past and how out dated they are today. It was a smaller web back in 1996 and us nerds with our own sites would contact each other about trading links and sharing graphics and what not. Sometimes I try to track down the sites I used to visit and sometimes I have some success. For some reason today I thought of a site I used to dislike and the fun filled feud I had with the webmaster. I though it was called Winky the Dogmules sXe vegan hate page, but I was a little off. The actual title was Winky, The Magic Dogmuled Haircatcher's: sXe/vegan/hardcore/punk/whatever HATE pages!

It was the fall of 1996. I had my first internet connection on my new mac in my dorm room at Hamilton College in upstate New York. In the wee hours of the morning I'd work on my newest project, my first website called Total Liberation. It covered everything from militant vegan straight edge rants to news about me not getting along with my roommate. I don't know if Winky contacted me first or if I discovered his site on my own, but we quickly began our guestbook war. It started with a single post that Winky left in mine. Using html you could make images that were hosted on your own site (or any site out there) appear in the guestbook that you were signing. Winky not only left a bunch of his large pro-meat graphics (including moving cow gifs and blood dripping gifs), but also three frames that included all the links and code of his Meatatarian Webring. I did not delete his post because I did not believe in censorship and I was not really bothered anyway. Then a few days later Winky did this again, however this time he left that massive post 80 times in a row.

In those days the internet was slower and computers could not handle as much data. Removing all those posts was a slow and painful process. Winky hit me with that shit three or four more times before I first retaliated. I went to his site's guestbook and filled it up with crap using the same exact code he'd used on me, his own graphics and webring. Winky was undeterred. He shot me an e-mail saying a could not beat him because - and I remember this quote - "spam is a meat product". Once more he stuffed my guestbook with fifteen pages of his graphics-heavy shit. I was frustrated and making it so my guestbook entries would not appear until after I approved them did not help. The entries took just as long to delete during the approval process as they did through other ways. I was out gunned, but then I thought of a little plan...

Winky did not give a shit if anyone fucked with him. He was a pro. Other people, they would not take someone fucking with their page so well. Web pages take a long time to make, especially then before Dreamweaver. The guestbook was the place where feedback appears and was highly valued, kind of like all you guys' MySpace pages are now. I went to the other sites in the Meatatarian Webring and found that a bunch of them had their own guestbooks. I spammed each one of them with Winky's graphics and code, like 50 times each. I said something like "Your friend Winky has been spamming my guestbook over and over. See how it feels. I'll keep ruining all of your guestbooks until he stops spamming mine".

That was the end of that really. I tried to find the old entries, but half of my ancient guestbook was deleted. I did find one, which I believe, if I remember correctly, was from a vegetarian/sXe page that was in the Meatatarian Ring because the girl wanted to be open minded. Here it is:

does this e-mail that you sent me look familiar, fuckhead? how about the entry in my guestbook a few months back? if you really are the person who's been spamming ppl's guestbooks who belong to the meatatarian web ring *this is what i was told*, you are the biggest disgrace to the sXe/vegan movement..i find it hard to believe that anyone could care more about an animal than you do yr fellow human beings! what the fuck has a animal ever done for you?! NOTHING!! animals are allowed to eat each other, but when a human wants to eat them, it's wrong?!? all i have to say is: YR A FUCKING HYPOCRITE!! i'm not going to tell you that i hope you rot in hell for what you are doing b/c i have more respect for the human race than you do..and it goes against my morals..

i hope you go down..


I love that shit. I really should see how many of my old e-mails and junk I can find and put that stuff up here. People were so passionate in the 90's. Whatever.

Anyway, Winky the Dogmule's site has been preserved! Yes, at something called Even if you never visited it on geocities the first time around, this site should take you back with it's pictures of Earth Crisis, Into Another, and maybe even Soulstice, I can't tell. He rips on everything.
See for yourself!

Holy Shit! I just discovered, cause I'm looking at the site now, he rips on one of MY OLD DRAWINGS on
page 13 of his site! I never saw this before, I swear to God! I'll replicate it:

Winky: Well, look what somebody drew for us in their preschool class today? It's a picture of a South Park character sporting some straight edge gear and propaganda! I'm sorry, if you can't draw a picture of those SIMPLE South Park characters, you might as well call it quits pal. They're simple SHAPES for crissake! And South Park is another fad that's going to die just as quickly as it came in. It's a lame show that has ripped off tons of other shows. Here's a page with someone who agrees with me. It's called The Anti-South Park Page. Finally, somebody out there agrees with me about the stupidity of this overrated show. It's no wonder the morons in the sXe/vegan community would support such mindless crap.

Anyway, the conclusion is, Winky's page is really funny and I secretly always thought so. The best parts are the e-mail exchanges between him and vegan/sXe kids where they get pissed. By now sure 95% of those fuckers have sold out, and they were so adamant at the time. Oh well, good riddance.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed my trip into internet history. I intend to explore other long forgotten sites. Go Vegan. xxx


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You need to put Gator Park back up

Also: Pictures of 'The Puppet'

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