Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Ultimate Warrior crosses the line!

The College Republicans at the University of Connecticut (article) (or if that's not working) called forth the Ultimate Warrior to speak out for their cause, however, they weren't banking on him to making statements like "queering don't make the world work" and later, "get a towel", to an Arab-American student who confronted him. Well I've been aware of the Warrior's all-American website for sometime now and already knew that was is a homophobe, but how about a racist? Well.. I don't know... I mean I doubt he has an aversion towards blacks, but that line about the towel? ...yeah that's bad stuff.

Ultimate Maniac!

So the internet is loving this story. Website somethingawful.com puts up a link to the Warrior's site (it's got a much better design now than when I last visited!) and calls it Awful Link of the Day. So began a war of words with the Warrior's "Director of Communications", Chris Lewis. Read it all
here and laugh. This Lewis guy is a jerk and he and the Warrior cross the line when... and I quote from his letter where the public posting of the Warrior's e-mail address (on somethingawful.com of course) is the issue at hand...

I'm also sure that you realize that you've only made matters worse for yourself by passing along my email address to your minions so they can harass or threaten me. How cowardly of you to bring in others when you simply lack the fortitude to stand up for yourself! At this point, I've already tracked down two of the emails from your fans - one from Truman State University and one from Sonoma State University. I've had long talks with the IT supervisors at each school. The young men that YOU brought into what could have otherwise been a simple and civil disagreement are now facing disciplinary actions - including suspension from their respective universities - because they were foolish enough to bite on your plea to have your little followers harass or threaten me.

Ah, so it's the Ultimate Tattle-Tale, the Ultimate Snitch. Getting the college disciplinary boards involved? Those are the people who treat plagiarism as a sin worse than rape and assault. Those are the people who fear the internet, because of the possibilities of illegal file sharing going on using school computers. Ultimate Warrior, you have made an unholy allies and hurt every unlucky student at those schools. Now they will face more restrictions, perhaps fear that big brother is reading their mail, anything they say could be regarded as, the horror of horrors... libel!

Ultimate Warrior, you have become the opposite of what you stand for, an enemy of freedom!


Blogger Patrick said...

Did you know that the Ultimate Warrior- legally changed his name to 'Warrior'?

Yeah. That's crazy.

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