Thursday, April 21, 2005

604 XslutkrewX

If you liked or did not like my article on Winky the Dogmules sXe vegan HATE page... I really have no idea what the consensus on it was, but I'm digging up another page. This one from 2000, not 1996, the 604 XslutkrewX site. I tried to find some of my other favorites, Hessian Hellcats, Julian's Sexy Scenesters, but I either deleted the links from my old website or had no luck working the internet wayback machine.. (a great tool, some of your old websites could be archived there)

Anyway, I'm becoming an internet archeologist, digging up the old sites and seeing how much the scenester culture has change since then. It's absolutely fascinating to me, what can I say?

1st, some current links:

Angry White Kid - his recent post titled 'Don't Forget Your Roots' - "In this case I'm talking about one's roots of activism. I started on my Angry White Kid path when I was 15 and my sister harassed me enough to go vegetarian. Yes, I was an old-school animal rights activist. For a variety of reasons, I don't fraternize much with that movement anymore." Angry White Kid, formerly vegan scott (don't think I knew him), is going vegan again! His blog is entertaining, serving up the dirt on juicy topics like Israel vs. Palestine, you can't get any more controversial than that.

Pitchfork Media on some famous artists blogs - Moby's blog and Durst's blog get bad reviews.

Tyson on Earth Crisis - Tyson's enjoyable writing on his myspace account, you might need an account to read it.

The 604 XslutkrewX, pre-makeoutclub, this site had a handful of member profiles and then a boy/girl of the month, you could submit yourself. See the x'd-up anime characters, guys in basketball jerseys, girls in bandana's and hoodies, emo glasses, the liberal use of the letter 'x', identifying yourself by area code, and 'shoutouts' - artifacts of another time!

Also not - this page represented a time period when hardcore was in transition, moving from sportswear Victory period to a time where more rock n' roll and punk elements of fashion and music became acceptable. Sex? Well besides the name (see the bio section), this site does not get into detail, but around this time we saw hardcore start to change from sterile and asexual (girls in massive hoodies and baggy cargo pants/boys saying that not sleeping around is tied to straight edge) to the super sexual state it's in now.

interesting comments in the guestbook? Not too many, it's kind of painful to read actually, but this one touches on fashion, can't tell if it's a joke or not, but it mentions the switch from JNCO's to cuffed pants:

hey its size 36 ECKO unltd. jeans not size 50 jnco....jnco are ugly.....oh and its not that you "got over" it or "grew up" its that you are trendy!...its just not as cool to where big pants anymore. oh and i really like after the fall it would be cool if you guys got it togather and put somthing not joking i do..its good music *quality...esp the cover of "paint it black" that song is about hardcore kids hair right? but yeah im just not cool cuz my pant legs GO PAST MY FUCKING ANKLE. HARDCORE not much more than shittalking,backstabbing,style,AOL,and of course tuffguys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think i'll be a hiphop kid its got style and it still has meaning in the "underground". REDDING RULES!(i moved here for the fine dining

so, you can still visit this site, it's gathering dust on a geocities server, and here is the link to
604 XslutkrewX

thanks for reading.


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