Saturday, April 23, 2005

Brotherhood of Satan (1971)

First of all, the Vice Magazine site, rates the mascots for thrash metal bands in an article this month. Among those in the running are Martha from the Accused, Sergeant D (they say the monster in House is him!), and the Voivod tank. Missing from competition: The M.O.D. shark and the Uncle Sam from the Uncle Slam records. M.O.D. used an Uncle Sam for a few records too. Mascots have to be on more than one record to qualify, so the surfing guy on the Sacred Reich EP is out.

Also unrelated, I saw the Amityville Horror remake and was disappointed. The movie is faced paced and exciting for a bit, then last few bits just totally suck. I was reminded of Cold Creek Manor, a movie that slips my usually slips my mind when I am asked what's the worst movie I ever seen on the big screen. I often answer Darkness, Darkness Falls, or House of the Dead.

Brotherhood of Satan comes from Bernard McEveety who appears to have directed a lot of television shows. Writer L.Q. Jones made A Boy and His Dog, a cult movie I've seen selling at ridiculously high prices. I've had this tape for a while, it would not play on my last two VCR's due to tracking difficulties. I'd tried to sit through the opening scene several times because it looked so promising. A battery powered toy tank is contrasted with shot of real tank (or bulldozer) treads crushing shit. Neat. The theme of miniatures becoming real and dangerous is repeated when a sculpture of a medieval knight is shown in a living room, then later the man who owned it is decapitated by a full size black knight on horse back. No explanation is offered, and the same can be said for most of the creepy phenomena, which makes it all the more bizarre. There are a lot of satanic cult movies out there, and of course they are all good, but this one could be the best. Let's not forget the killer doll, who induces seizures, and then sheds a single tear.

I've been a real slacker about taking pictures of my tapes for the internet, but if I've got a strange edition of the video that I can't find pictured on ebay or on another horror site, I've got no choice but to show it off. Look at this artwork (left), a funny looking drawing of what's on the more common cover (right).


Anonymous Tyson said...

Did you cover up the "Satan" on your tape? Vanguard Josh!

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