Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The Unborn (1991)

This is a nasty killer fetus movie from Roger Corman and director Rodman Flender. It features forgettable background music from Gary Numan. Lisa Kudrow shows up in one scene. I hate her.

I had a poster for this movie, but I left it on the floor with some crap posters and then they were destroyed in a flood. Now I find out that this movie was good! ^$^#%%^$&$!!! anyway... about the movie...

Lesbians, portrayed as anti-male, run a Lamaze class and a women makes a smart remark about a turkey baster. Then she follows up by saying "suck my dick" to one of the lesbians. The main character, who we are sympathetic too, laughs at this joke, so the homophobic remarks are not being frowned upon by the filmmaker. That's it though, the gays are not excessively demonized as star Brooke Adams tries to contact them later for help. I won't mention what happens in that scene cause it's a shocker the caught me by surprise.

Shocks? Sure, it's pretty bloody for a 90's film, from a decade where a lot of filmmakers played it safe. In one scene (spoiler coming), two back alley abortionists look at Mrs. Adam's vagina and make some comments about it that neither Cub not I could make out on our muffled video tape. We got the impressing that it was messed up looking (the rest of her has a rash) and if I'd made the movie we would've been treated to shot a shot of a prosthetic vagina with gross deformities and evidence of the impending birth of this super fetus. I doubt such a scene was filmed and cut, this movie does not go that far, although their are fetus explosions and the guts do rain down from above.

The movie does not take a stance on abortion which is maybe why we the abortionists survive unscathed. A better movie would have an army of surviving fetuses tear them to bits. We HAVE TO see that scene in a film someday. The fetuses are extremely strong and intelligent, genetically programed to be a new master race, though skin color is not mentioned as an issue. The real monster is of course the doctor behind the project. As I a see it, the fetuses are innocent, they can't help it if they are born superhuman.

I was was raised pro-choice because I'm from Massachusetts and my parents work in schools and in higher education. Religion played a part in my life, but when in CCD they told us to pledge ourselves to the pro-life cause, I had to laugh. To me that was like believing in creationism, it was an anti-intellectual view. My parents are pro-choice, but still church goers.

I grew older and joined many left wing groups in high school and college and things like the belief in gay rights are still with me, but that's another discussion entirely.

Going vegan changed me the most because at that point I was rejecting behaviors that I'd been taught were ok since birth, meat eating, use of animal products, etc... Then one day I made a strange connection, why do I think it is wrong to kill a simple fish, but believe the of killing a fetus is something I should be fighting for? Surely some fetuses have as much consciousness as fish? Eventually, and it took a long time, I decided that if meat is murder then abortion must be murder as well. I'd questioned the more traditional beliefs I'd been raised with and then also questioned the 'progressive' beliefs that came with them as well.

So what' the deal, do I protest the clinics? No, but I don't protest meat eating establishments anymore either. I don't oppose the idea of protesting, but I see it done wrong more often than not. I prefer to lead by example, by being a healthy vegan, and as far thinking abortion is murder, the only thing I'm likely to do is share my opinion if I get the chance. I just did. See The Unborn, its awesome.

One more note. Suppose you were the signer of a vegan straight edge band in the 90's and were also pro-life. On a date with a hot hardcore chick you explained that you don't have sex because if the girl gets pregnant, you know that with your convictions their is no easy way out. Do you propose to her that the only safe alternative is to go up the back door? Nooo! I've got two words for you... JERK OFF!


Anonymous Larry said...

I think you should see "Palindromes" It's fuck you everybody. i'm also pro Death, not in the faggy goth or hip way, but i really feel it's human nature to murder and being pro-life on every living being is too black and white. Remember evolution created us after millions of years of Murder and Chaos. Life is Gay. I don't really know where i'm going with this but i miss you and i'm bored at work

6:54 PM  
Blogger toyrobott said...

Wow.. that's intense. I still don't know to this day whether im pro-choice, or pro-life but i lean more towards pro-choice. I think. See how indecisive i am? You may ask, "Red or Blue?" i'll usually say "purple" because its a combo of both. I can't help but see two sides to everything.

11:37 PM  
Blogger Patrick said...


7:03 AM  
Anonymous Tyson said...

There was a good song by FYP about abortion. I think abortion should be legal, just like drugs should be legal. Both can be bad for society, but illegalizing them certainly makes the problem worse.

3:13 PM  
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