Tuesday, May 03, 2005

reviewed by Blogg'd

I'm excited to say that this blog got reviewed by the brutal review site Blogg'd. The review mostly focuses on my most recent post on the killer fetus film, The Unborn.

check it out:

This blog claims to be the leading vegan horror fan site, which I guess you could say caters to a niche market (much in the same way mail order school girl panties for horny Japanese businessmen is a niche market). I assumed when I started reading the most recent post the blog would cover reviews for horror films but quickly discovered that the author must be suffering from a severe case of meat deprivation combined with acid flash backs. In said post, a review of The Unborn, what starts out as a glimpse into the mind of a person who would love to see a master race of fetuses tearing people apart and the desire to ogle deformed vaginas quickly turns into a monologue about why he became a vegan, his stance on abortion, and sex advice for guys who have never heard of birth control. Normally I can look past the bad grammar, poor spelling and crappy sentence structure in a blog but this guy in the same post claims to have parents that work in schools and higher education (I can only imagine that they hold the posts of lunch lady and janitor). After browsing through a few more posts and marveling at the kindergarten graphics the only use I could find for this site is as a visual aid in a presentation on the harmful effects of heavy drug use. I figure the best way to sum up this review and provide a bit of helpful advice to the author would be to quote him directly from one of his posts: "I've got two words for you... JERK OFF!"

Coming up next will be my photo essay on the Coachella Festival where you can see pictures of people who really are on drugs.


Blogger toyrobott said...

I don't understand this goof. Is he tring to be funny by thrashing everyone elses blogs or what? He should try doing something else with his time...

7:54 PM  
Anonymous Tyson said...

Hey Warren, you think you can go around and make fun of everyone else's sites and shit and then this guy makes fun of yours and you act like a crybaby!!! F.U. Not kewl at all!!!!!!!!!!!!! That guy pwned you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7:58 PM  
Blogger Patrick said...

Who's acting like a cry baby- I put $10 bucks on Warren laughing at the whole review.

Best quote- 'the effects of heavy drug use'

hahaha awesome!

11:53 AM  

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