Thursday, May 19, 2005

'got milk' - obscenity

I'm home from school with a bug. It makes me sleep and kills my stomach. I'm quick to blame food poisoning for any problem that I've got, but I can't think of anything suspect that I ate. In fact, I've had nothing but spaghetti and coffee for several days. Well at least I can work on my "To Do" list that is about a mile long.

There has been no time to review movies lately. No time to even watch movies. I'll be much happier when there is.

People seem generally displeased with my
Coachella pics. Cool.

No... I did get mostly positive feedback, but at least there was at least this bit on the buddyhead message board.

Wow - you mention the cobrasnake like 100 times. You even called him a "famous Hollywood photographer". That guy is a no-talent assclown douchebag. He doesn't do shit. You also mentioned something about the crowd being very punk rock, edgy, and fashion aware of something. Very lame. I hope the whole site is a joke.

If you are wondering what I'm doing on the buddyhead board, I'm looking for fun forums to promote my work, but having trouble finding any. The buddyhead board is pretty dead. Is all the action on myspace? Are all message boards dead? I will find out and tell you.

So I discovered that most people get to my blog through search engines, by like, twenty to one or something. My loyal readers are still the most important ones, but I'm excited by my discovery, thanks to StatCounter.

The search terms are the expected, like titles of the movies I review, animal rights stuff, punk top ten lists, even some scenester fashion queries... Some were more specific, like the locust is ruining hardcore for fat kids jessica hopper. Awesome, I did write about that. My favorite was pictures of a deformed vaginas. Yup, deformed vaginas has come up more than once by searchers. Can I help it if the movies I write about are perverse? No I can't.

I'm gonna redesign this site again soon, around the end of the month, and I'll bring you a Cub Speaks homepage with an interview.

America's Next Top Model ended the season in a way that pleased me. It's one of the only shows I watch besides the news networks. Unfortunately they did a 'Got Milk' print ad this season. Gross cum shots. I mean it, it's not just in my brain, that shit is dirty.

Milk is obscene... deformed vaginas in the horror flicks? I've got no problem with that.


Blogger toyrobott said...

Oh my! Don't tell me who won!!!!! I missed the last episode due to me closing at work! I have to catch that re-run. I just have to!

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