Sunday, May 29, 2005

Rats - Notte di terrore (1984)

This one took five sittings. It's from Bruno Mattei, who goes as Vincent Dawn. Not only does he borrow his name from Dawn of the Dead, he also borrows the Goblin soundtrack for his best known film, Night of the Zombies. He's made every type of exploitation film. Caligula films, nunsploitation, Emanuelle films, cannibal movies, nazi sex movies, and Porno Holocaust. Yeah, a lot of these are on my TO SEE list, but not his mondo films. Mattei thinks it's ok to kill animals in his movies. More on that later.

Rats - Night of Terror

The last ten seconds of Rats are really good. If you've got the video tape, the back and side of the box will spoil this ending for you. Hopefully the DVD case is more discreet. Up until the end, the movie is a total drag, with a few moments of interesting gore when rats bust out of the bodies of the dead and dying. Other than that, it's all painful dialogue, bad editing, and buckets of live rats being poured on the actors. Nothing about the rat attacks is convincing. They are clearly harmless, but that does not stop the cast and crew from kicking and killing a bunch of them for real on screen. Fuck all those pieces of shit.

I love Italian movies, but this is the worst one I've seen. I'm not just saying that because of the cruelty. It is slow and boring.

more shit:

I was down in the gym and one of the Blade movies was on TV. Real poor. Blade, Underworld, and Queen of the Damned will all be available in the upcoming Trenchcoat Mafia Collection that comes with a limited edition glow stick. Spencer Gifts is taking pre-orders for the true horror fans.

and this:

Film starlet Linnea Quigley is vegan. Here is the

Quigley has stared in a bunch of classics: Return of the Living Dead, Silent Night, Deadly Night, Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers, and Night of the Demons.

From what I read, this scream queen would never have worked on crap like Rats. She once reported a director to the Humane Society for allegations of animal cruelty on the set. Also she has rescued giant African rats - whatever those are.

She speaks out for the animals at horror conventions. Sadly she is not scheduled for the...

Fangoria convention in Burbank next weekend! Will it suck? Expect a whole report with the shit talk.


Blogger Steven said...

Too bad about Rats, though I'll probably still watch it if I come across it. I'm a sucker for killer rat movies, both giant and normal-sized. When I worked at a video store I was often asked "What would you recommend?", free entirely of any criteria. I always, always chose a rat movie.

8:27 AM  
Blogger HabitualDamnation said...

the nosferatu with adjani did the best thing with rats...that's what i'd say.

2:15 PM  

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