Thursday, May 26, 2005

warren returns to myspace

I'm back on myspace after a year of resistance. Besides using it to stay in touch, I'd like to meet people who read and write, make websites, or work on various projects, so send me a message if you enjoy my bloodbath horror blog and we can be friends.

my profile link - - this makes me less anonymous when it comes to my posts, I've got to own up to all my controversial statements...

By the way, Cub, of 'Cub Speaks' fame, is on myspace as well. Her name is Joanna and she is the first or second person shown in everyone's friend box including mine. I don't know how she gets such good placement and neither does she. I'll do some research and see if it's random or if myspace can be manipulated in some way. Anyway, to be her friend you'd better message her first or you will be denied for sure. Tell her you love 'Cub Speaks', because I know you do.

What I like about myspace is that people have taken a lot time putting together their pages and writing stuff in their myspace blogs - hours of entertainment for my lunch breaks at work - though I have resolved to try to read books during that time as well. I picked 'Legacy of Blood: A Comprehensive Guide to Slasher Movies' (Jim Harper) off of the shelf. It focuses on the slasher film, which it considers to be a cousin or product of the Italian giallo, and while the author wants to reserve the subject of giallos for another book, he does mention a bunch of connections between the types of films. So far I've read about the first wave of slashers, most of which I have tapes of.

I had three sites I wanted to put up links too, but only one is really important. I've been reading a blog
Church of the Nihilistic Goat and enjoying it very much. Rock journalism for fans of Angel Rot, Charles Manson, Wolf Eyes, and other bands and records that push the envelope. Plus it's funny, irreverent, and feels like it comes from the backwoods - Canada...

I had to talk to a Canadian customer for about 45 minutes yesterday. She looked a lot like fellow Canadian Alanis Morissette, but with the most indecisive, insecure, person I've ever dealt with in retail. It was seriously mind-numbing and launched me into a depression about my job that lasted into the early evening. I almost lost my shit, but managed to stay soft spoken and reassuring throughout the whole conversation. I just broke my no-blogging-about-work rule. Fuck. I'm fired.


Blogger toyrobott said...

Your gone! Shit.

1:55 PM  
Anonymous bikkie baazilltoe said...

regarding myspace friend placement, i think it goes by how many friends you have. cub's probably first because she has so many friends. everybody loves cub!

2:07 PM  
Anonymous Larry said...

I think Myspace works by when you joined

7:19 PM  

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