Thursday, May 26, 2005

3 Inches of Shit?

I did a little bit of research, nothing in depth. I'm not going to crucify the band for being friends with Hot Hot Heat, that really is not relevant. Friends are friends, you are lucky is you have any. What is relevant is the back ground vocals that do that metalcore/screamo thing of trailing the lead singer's words with an At the Gates-like growl. Every band does that today all the way on up to Hawthorne Heights. According to the press release 3 Inches of Blood are about pre-85 metal. Cool, but so are a lot of bands that don't get as much press because they've got less links to the trendy hardcore scene. It's plain as day that hardcore has hijacked heavy metal, at least on the Headbanger's Ball (only seen one episode) and in the metal magazines. I don't need to explain myself.

best record COVER of the year - from Ed Repka

from the 3 Inches of Blood press release:

Since inception, this purity of vision has earned the band critical acclaim in metal and alternative circles alike. Due to this bubbling under at the press level, Roadrunner Records took notice of the group's demo, and signed the band in 2004. "We're kind of in a weird position, considering the more modern leaning lineup of that label," says Hooper. "We're nu-metal's greatest enemies, so it's a weird juxtaposition for us. But let's just say that we fit in very well with their back catalogue - Annihilator, Pestilence, King Diamond, Suffocation. We're very pleased to be a part of that."

I like the quote, however, nu-metal is just plain dead so the claim is not too bold. The torch of shit has been passed on to the genre of metalcore. Could we ask this guy to say "We're metalcore's greatest enemies."? Or, are they metalcore sympathizers?

Fortunately, the lead vocals here are high pitched. It took my some time to place it, but at times the singing reminded me most of the guy from the stoner rock band Trouble. King Diamond comes to mind as well, though in a more generic form here. What I mean is that King Diamond's voice is more distinct.

I'm not going so far to say that this band is mocking metal, as some have speculated, in part because they toured with The Darkness. No, we live in a post-ironic age. It's impossible to be 100% true like those guys in Manowar. That band lives off the beaten path and was completely oblivious to an entire decade. The rest of us can't help but smile at some of the classical elements of metal. That does not mean that we don't love those elements and can't be genuinely moved by them. Anyway, 3 Inches of Blood said that metal was the best kind of music in the world, or something to that extent.

Well, this sure as fuck as not meant to be a puff piece on 3 Inches of Blood. I'm listening to the record now and not really digging it. Here are some metal bands I got promos of lately that are better than 3 Inches of Blood:

Rhapsody - have collaborated with Christopher Lee on record and on stage, but that is the album I don't have

Visions of Atlantis - symphonic, male and female vocals - love this one

Kamelot - power metal or progressive, something...

Korpiklaani - if Flogging Molly was a metal band... ok, that makes it sound awful, but this shit is great

Anyway, I don't really like bands official websites, too commercial, so there are no hyper links. I swear I'm not being lazy. If you are serious about looking for shit about these bands you will do a search anyway. Some of my friends have recently asked what bands I've been listening too lately. Well here you go. By the way, I really don't like the new Judas Priest, maybe the included DVD is good. Everything comes with extras these days. More for free, dual discs... That can't be bad, but for some reason I'm not bothering to celebrate.

It's funny, but I rarely ask friends for advice on what records to buy. I just grab whatever shit is cheapest in the bargain bin. That's been my way for some time now.

In conclusion, who gives a damn about the metal scene. Some of the power metal bands or pretty imaginative and I harbor no ill will towards their dorky fanbase, but the bulk of metal heads are shitty dudes who watch Faces of Death videos and jerk off to Suicide Girls, so fuck it.


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Manowar is on tour here with Rhapsody

but tickets are like $30

Deicide is playing tonight I might go see them- for a laugh

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