Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Demonia (1990) Lucio Fulci

Demonia is thought by many to be Fulci's worst film because it's uninspired and way low budget with a hazy/slightly blurred look to it. The gore effects are the saving grace, that, and the camera movement in and out, this way and that - if you like that sort of thing, and I do.

Demonia - bootleg tape

gore spoilers...

tongue nailed to block - by ghost

upside down man ripped in half by ropes tied to two trees (à la in Cut and Run) in front of his own child (a bonus)

women mauled by cats - clearly puppet effects - eyes pop

If I got the details wrong, that's sad, because I only watched it three weeks ago. I was holding off, waiting for a Cub Speaks, but since she slept through the second half of the movie and is now out of town, we don't get one.

So I've watched a bunch of movies lately. Well parts of a bunch of movies, or movies divided up into several sittings. This week has finally allowed for me to have some stretches of free time, which are being eaten by myspace, more on that later.

I've got a big bag of DVDs that I got as promos and the most represented company in the batch would be Troma. The quality of these reissues varies greatly. I'm not talking technical specs, I mean they are either good or they suck. Fatty Drives the Bus will not be put back into my DVD player. As for the South African Pure Blood, about white supremacist zombies, I'll never see the action scenes where it becomes Dead Alive, the movie it obviously wants to be.

I'm working on Mad Dog Morgan, a seventies action film with Dennis Hopper as an Irish bandit in 1850's Australia. It is watchable and I'll finish it tonight. For some reason this DVD and a bunch of the other Troma discs include a pair of Peta2 shorts telling viewers to go vegetarian. Of course, if you know me, I approve of the message. I could not get through Meet Your Meat, which is made up of clips of animals being slaughtered. I excused myself because I'm already vegan. The Goldfinger rock video included and advertised on the cover of some of the titles is all footage of animal death as well. If you told a kid at an Earth Crisis show in 1997 that Goldfinger would be the leading animal rights band from 2003-2005, they would think you were crazy - but they are and they probably have alienated a lot less people than Earth Crisis did.

I also have some titles from Synapse and No Shame Video, the latter which I had not heard of until now. They are introducing the Sergio Martino Collection, perhaps hoping fans will be confused and think they are buying something from the Dario Argento Collection. I know I slammed Sergio Martino before for the Slave of the Cannibal God's animal deaths, but I can still give him some critical praise. Case of the Scorpion's Tale, from the series, is one of the best giallos I've ever enjoyed, with some camera work that was completely different than anything I've ever seen.

Unrelated topic - myspace friendships with punk bands

I thought that when I joined I would never want to be 'friends' with any bands, especially ones made up by total strangers who's records I do not own. My resolve was further strengthened when first logging on I discovered that Audioslave had thousands of friends, many who thank the band personally 'for the ad'. Yeah right, it's the low level record label interns that they should be thanking.

Then I saw Pig Champion on someone else's profile. Fuck yeah I wanna be friends with him. And then then I saw the Angry Samoans, Hirax (with a huge amount of friends), and SFA (I did not know they were still around!) and of course I had to ad them too. Surely Metal Mike is running the Angry Samoans profile... we are not talking about the Foo Fighters here. We might not become pen pals, but at least these guys will read my messages.

So there is a middle ground, but it gets lame. I saw that Refused has a profile. Even in the tacky bio provided it says that they broke up. What good is it to be linked to them except to wear their icon as a badge of coolness on your profile? It's no good. Clearly their account was put up be someone from Epitaph or Victory who probably runs a bunch of profiles for defunct or even current bands. Why are the kids writing comments to Refused about how they were the best? What's more that band International Noise Conspiracy has the myspace.com/refused URL and discuss Refused there. What is the point of this Refused profile? Either to sell old records or for something totally different. Why there are 5 or 6 fake profiles of 18 Visions singer James Hart? People just like to pretend to be someone else. It's lame, I can't relate, I just want to be me.

Of course... if your intent in making a fake profile is to ridicule them... well I totally get that.


Blogger Patrick said...

That goldfinger song is great- i used to have the video on my myspace.. my ex has it on hers.

You want any of my DVDs?

I need to sell them to fund my starkweather tour

3:53 PM  
Blogger jiri said...

Hey, I have enjoyed...your blog is informative - even entertaining.

I have a halloween sites. They pretty much covers costumes and masks related stuff.

Thanks again and I'll be sure to bookmark you.

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