Friday, November 10, 2006

Borat is more real than I thought, they pulled it off, I can't believe it...

All the Borat fit to print. Previously in my writings about Borat I questioned weather or not these tricks with real non-acting Americans were as real as they had been on the HBO TV show. I figured there was no way they could make this gag work again and it all fit together too neatly in the film. Well, I may be still be right in some cases, but journalists have been doing some work and what they have dug up proves that that much of these pranks were not simulated. Stuff in this Borat movie really is TRUE and many of the characters are Americans being themeselves - read these fascinating stories.

We will start off with a quick one, "
Duped Woman Blames Borat for Losing Her Job".

Newsweek article explains to some extent how they got away with it. It still blows my mind even after hearing the methods.

Tons of
links from the USA today to stories about Borat's happy and unhappy victims.

Feminist sculptor
Linda Stein's page with a list of articles about her Borat experience.

Linda Stein
writes about her experience, a must read.

Even more accounts from
FHM. Look at the picture they've got of frat boy David Corcoran downing two beers simultaneously. Are you trying to clean up your rep or not?

You can attempt to read this
tell-all Borat expose on MTV's shitfilled/hard-to-navigate website.

frat boys sue. Fox says the lawsuite "has no merit."

Thanks to this site,
Magic Smoke, for finding all the info. I've got a friend who was working the Virgin signing where Pamela Anderson gets abducted. I find it hard to believe that he was not in on the joke, as I know he is familiar with Ali G and loves cable tv and whatnot. I did not think to ask him if he knew what was going on, I just assumed that he did. I'll get back to you guys on this.


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