Monday, November 06, 2006

150 Days!! - my non-review of Death of a President (2006)

Death of a President, as you may have heard, is the fictional account, a mocumentary actually, of the assassination of George Bush. Many have said that this movie brings forth the truth in a way that only fiction can, and I agree that these filmmakers do predict accurately what would happen in the aftermath of a presidential assassinating, but you know what, it's an easy call. Basically the death of George Bush is 9-11 part 2. In the film a new Patriot Act passes, we bomb Syria due to false intelligence, and Muslims are unfairly treated. Wow, how about surprising us with something new?! I agree all this things are wrong, but seeing a fictional account of all this news going down is just so boring as none of it is any different than recent and current news. The twist ending (a mocumentary with a twist ending? oh no) is basically a retread of the Timothy McVeigh case, the liberals' favorite terrorist story.

I saw this in the theater, very few others will. I feel that a lot of the praise for this movie is due to people being impressed with the use of real news footage being combined with scripted filmed footage of actors to form new scenes - like the assassination scene - to name an obvious example. Well, I'm not impressed. By now we've seen it all technology wise and it is not worth your money to rent this just to see some magic that could be created on just about anybody's Macintosh these days.

Death of a President, it's not total shit, but it's no more fun than an hour and a half of CNN.


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