Saturday, November 11, 2006

R.I.P. Jack Palance

My next review will be of the awful Night of the Living Dead 3D that hit a few theaters yesterday, but first, this sad news...

Famous western actor Jack Palance died yesterday, November 10th, 2006, of natural causes at age 87. Most famous for City Slickers, and his one-handed push-ups at the Oscars that year at age 73, fans of horror and low-budget cinema should also note that he acted in a number of sleazy Italian movies earlier in his career. Films include Mister Scarface, Black Cobra Woman (directed by Joe D'Amato), and Marquis de Sade: Justine (directed by Jess Franco). Other horror genre movies include Man in the Attic from 1953 (he played a man who may or may not be the Ripper), Dracula from 1973 (Dan Curtis, Palance played Dracula), Without Warning from 1980 (a movie that inspired Predator) and of course Alone in the Dark from from 1982. I know I'm leaving tons of films out,
check the list for yourself or see some of the films that you have missed, in honor of this bad guy legend.


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