Sunday, November 26, 2006

another mom and pop era VHS tape hits DVD - 1985's Future-Kill

Sorry I've not been posting frequently enough. Don't worry, by no means is the blog dying a slow death - this is just a heavy time for me with 3 TV/video projects that I'm heavily involved in each coming to a busy time. There are a lot of horror bits I want to cover - for now a new DVD release has caught my attention...

is out on DVD. I remember hating this when I rented the tape a few years back, but maybe I'd be a little more into it now. It's no Young Warriors, that's for sure, though it is similar in the way that it matches frat hi-jinks with graphic street violence. Am I'm gonna pick up the new DVD? No chance in hell, but you might be interested. Edwin Neal and Marilyn Burns from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre are in this movie, as was advertised on the original box cover, making thousands of fans excited to rent the tape and then letting each of them down one by one.


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