Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Young Warriors X-Rated print is coming to Grindhouse - plus a review written worse than all of mine put together, about that Marie Antoinette movie

Grindhouse Film Festival, next week, Tuesday, November 14th in Hollywood. Be there, the only uncut print in existence of Young Warriors is playing along with Malibu High. Lawrence D. Foldes of Don't Go in the Park fame will be there.

So many of the user reviews on
the imdb are bad, we know this, but what about the imdb message boards. Oh my God. Check out this defense of Marie Antoinette that starts off one thread.

I watched Marie Antoinette yesterday with my older sister who's 21 and she was absolutely disgusted with the movie, whereas I thought it was beautiful, moving and lavish. I tried to talk to her about the movie, but she told me that there was nothing to talk about because the movie was so terrible--there was no storyline...what was the point blah blah blah.

I thought her being the older sibling, would understand the depth of the movie...but she didn't.

So I guess I've taken the liberty to explain something to everyone who thought the script was terrible and everything else that was terrible about the movie.

Sofia Coppola is a genius and I thought this movie was genius. The whole movie is about Marie Antoinette and her life...it's kind of like a documentary but at the same time...not so much of a documentary. The details are so accurate and everything is so precise...can people not appreciate that? I mean, it was about her life, why would there be a storyline or a plot? As for the script, I imagine it was how Marie Antoinette and her friends and everyone else would talk back then.

What exactly did people want/expect from this movie? Did people expect a fairy tale life of a 14-year-old Austrian girl who came to marry Louis XVI?

Did they expect a warped version of her life that would make the movie more interesting in their opinion?

I just feel that sometimes people can't spot a good movie from a bad movie.

What the fuck was that? Anyway, what of this Marie Antoinette movie? Acording to this review from the ultra-leftish
Nation, the film is superficial garbage. I've heard some complain that Sofia Coppola only directs movies that tell the tales of people of privlidge. I guess that claim is not so far fetched and Marie Antoinette is I suppose the ultimate example as this movie ignors the really nasty historical details of her life (the execution) and sticks to her depicting "Marie-Antoinette's life as relentlessly tedious". Oh the pain of being rich with nothing to do. I can relate, all my worries are school related while my bills are magicaly paid, yet my life is still a fascinating struggle, right? ...Right?


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