Thursday, June 22, 2006

2 Peter Cushing movies on Sunday and Hollywood Memories part 1!

Not that anyone will go because I told them to, but there are two British horror movies staring Peter Cushing playing on Sunday the 25th at 7:30. The theater? American Cinematheque at the Egyptian Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard. I'm told these double features are affordable. The movies, Corruption and The Skull are quite rare and not on DVD. There have been a few of these obscure pictures playing along with standard fair like Horror Express and The Gorgon.

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I have a great idea, since I never throw anything away, in real life or on the hardrive, I think I shall celebrate my return to the old neighborhood with a section called Hollywood Memories where I show you pics of what went down three or four years ago. You know how
recently I posted of the street performers outside the Chinese Theater? Well for a time we had a nonpaying roommate who lived on our studio apartment floor between the two of us. One plan he had was to take pictures of all the characters outside the theater and send them to Marvel and DC and Disney and the like to get them busted. Don't think he ever sent the photos, but he sure took a lot. Here is the stormtrooper in the thousand dollar costume along one of several Spidermans who all wear costumes that must have cost considerably less.

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