Monday, June 26, 2006

mods and rockers in hollywood and santa monica + memories...

1. I've decided an upcoming feature in this blog is gonna be me reviewing recent DVDs that I have not seen. I am such a horror expert that I can review without even watching. Wow.

2. Many of Lawrence Klein's film school shorts are online now on his

3. "Bad pop on Myspace foretells some bleak days to come" - a
column from a local free weekly.

4. Last night's double feature at The Egyptian, Corruption and The Skull, was very entertaining. Corruption (1967) started out as a pretty solid remake of Eyes Without a Face, then transformed into a "so bad I can't believe my eyes" type of mess. One of those that has to be seen to be believed. I'd have liked for the movie to have retained it's dignity, but at the same time must admit that the crazy twists and over acting were pretty spectacular. Before the movie a speaker from the theater mentioned that we would be seeing Peter Cushing as we never had before. I think he must be referring to the Cushing character losing his cool on screen and getting into some very physical fights where he gets tossed about. Then there are the murders as well, where Cushing works himself up into an active violent frenzy. It's all a great deal rougher than what I've seen in the Hammer movies and perhaps borderline disturbing, though quite a bit of silliness (cartoonish thugs, fairly bad FX, canned dialogue) takes away from the impact of it all. Still, the audience was into it. Not on DVD.

The Skull (1965, Freddie Francis) was an Amicus Studios gothic horror I'd never heard of, which is strange since I'd though I'd seen all of them by now. I'll have to say that it is my least favorite Amicus film. It is pretty hard to take seriously a battle between a man and a skull, even if the man is Peter Cushing and the skull once contained the brain of the Marquis de Sade. Don't get me wrong, there are some great scenes and psychedelic stuff, plus appearances by Patrick Magee and Christopher Lee, but on the whole you just have to see this if you are a horror dork like me. I should mention that they are people who think pretty highly of this film so I could have it all wrong. Not on DVD.

A few Amicus movies HAVE recently come out on DVD including the excellent, The Beast Must Die from 1974.

Thursday at The Egyptian, Stuart Gordon's Edmond. I can't make it. The preview looked pretty all right.

In July at The Egyptian and at The Aero, their very popular yearly Mods and Rockers film festival. The Mods and Rockers
website does not have the dates posted, but I picked up a paper theater schedule that did have show dates. Oh well, I'm sure they will put them up soon enough. I wanna see the one called Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die, from Italy, 1966.

I swear I do not work for The Egyptian Theater, I just really like to see movies on the big screen... yes, more than on DVD!

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