Monday, June 19, 2006

so I won't get meet Charles Band tomorrow night

ve got a class in Santa Monica tomorrow night so I'll miss the showing of Dolls and Charles Band's Crash. Stuart Gordon and Charles Band are expected to be on hand as is a puppet from one of Charles Band's movies. No shit. I'll try to catch the end of Crash.

Tomorrow night at the
New Beverly Cinema.

Here is a vegan blog for the vegans and future vegans - I guess her name is
Kiki, I have not read it in depth yet.

There is also the livejournal of the girl who has been prank calling me for about 4 years now - I'll throw you a link soon, but I don't want it to be a click-through link because then should could find this blog (through statcounter) and interact with me that way. The less interaction the better.

I will post her myspace and livejournal soon.


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