Friday, June 23, 2006

don't drink and drive - plus the Hollywood Memories continue!

Once again there is a new horror blog out there - The Full Moon Review - yup, all Full Moon movies. They don't link to me in the sidebar, but do have a link to my review of Doll Graveyard. From a quick glance, this person seems to have their Full Moon shit down. He grades hard, a bunch of the late 90's movies got ratings of "1 out of 5 full moons".

I took a look at old posts in the blog. I almost never do that. I'd like to delete a lot of them that I'm embarrassed about, but they will stay. I'm talking about some of the reviews, a weird thing to be embarrassed about, but in a few cases the writing makes me sick. I fix a couple of broken images and found a handful more to fix. Old posts are hard to read because they are in an even smaller font than this one now. Sorry about that.

The blog is still less than two years old.

I have the day off. Wow. This week has been very long with 2 summer school classes at Santa Monica College feeling like the equivalent of a full time job - cause the summer semester is condensed into a period of six weeks I have a quiz every single day! These are both level 1 classes, the equivalent of 100 level classes. Intro classes, so picture me in a room with a bunch of 18 year olds and worse, kids who are still in highschool. The history teacher told me their was no reason to get a job yet because once you enter the working world it is hard to get out. He thinks I'm one of the little kids too! It is because vegans do not show signs of aging.

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I've mentioned before that myself and my old roommate had a website called about Hollywood scene kids with pictures and profiles. It was very exciting for people to look at in a time before myspace and friendster. Our page differed from and its imitators in that we chose the people and we took the pictures. No one could submit a picture. We also wrote the comments. The whole site was intended to piss people off, but as for the kids in the actually profiles, we liked them. The site was meant to draw hatemail from bitter and miserable types, who really could not be as bitter and miserable as we were deep down inside.

This here is from the first day I went out and took pictures for the site as The Locust were playing a show across the street from my place. Personally I think The Locust is crap, but I cannot deny their fashion influence on the many chameleons in the hardcore scene. I mingled with crowd outside for a while, hoping to actually see Locust members whose pictures I could take, but either they were backstage with the deli trays or I just did not know what they looked like. I split and then...

comments: After leaving the Locust show I went to kick it with the neighbors who were out in front of the apartment drinking. The guy from across the street said we ought to spook some kids who for some reason or another had snuck down the drive way to his building. We went from our place to the Megadeth Mansion across the way. (where Dave Mustaine formed Megadeth) Down the little drive we found two youths who had fled the Locust show in order to find some quiet time on top of a dumpster. Truly I could not see a thing, as a wall blocked the lights of the street, but once I heard the sounds of a little keyboard, I knew the girl was scenefashion material. Sure, she could not play well, but if she really brings the keypad everywhere she will one day be good. Now that I can see her on my computer screen I'm glad to see she has her own style and is not doing the tired crust punk thing. Don't know what those red marks on her arm are. Like I said, it was pitch black.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

yea own style nothing like a low life raver scene kid. tired crust punk thing god hows that pedestal your on? lonely?

i realize this is an old post but god to randomly come across such obvious simple minded bullshit. bitch looks like a crack addict and you give her props but some dirty haired patched up punk kids that try and achieve some shred of social change in at least their own underground scene besides encouraging drug addiction and fucking keyboards and you look at it as some played out fashion?

fucking grow up.

1:28 PM  

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