Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Feel Like Shit... Déjà-Vu

I feel good today, but that title is for most of my readers who I'm sure are not the sunshiny type.

Ok, we are back in Hollywood. I wrote up something already about our triumphant return, but neglected to post it. I've been very busy (Hawaii trip, registration, a huge move, a new rabbit rescued) but we are not living out of quite as many boxes as a week ago - things are getting settled and regular posting will resume soon.

Lots of horror screening in Los Angeles this month. British horror at the Egyptian on Hollywood Boulevard. A Cannibal Ferox / Gates of Hill double bill at The New Beverly Cinema on Friday and Saturday and then this month's
Grindhouse (Dolls and Charles Band's Crash) on the 20th at the same theater.

By the way, I'm going to be selling a ton of rare horror tapes, my duplicates, but it will be a Los Angeles only fire sale - I mean to say I'll be outside of horror screenings with a box. Most tapes $1, max price, $3.

Read the
Defamer about Superman Returns being gay cinema - they post about it every single day.


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