Friday, June 23, 2006

our favorites, Captain Ahab, strike it big - plus Hollywood Memories again already...

Captain Ahab, whose outrageous Lawrence Klein directed videos can be seen here, have won a contest and earned a slot on the Snakes on a Plane soundtrack. Snakes on a Plane is allegedly the most blogged about movie of all time.

Yesterday I was running an errand with a friend, picking some stuff up, and was surprised to find myself in a Studio City office full of animatronic robot horses and goat men. Boy did these things look real, even upon super close inspection. I can't say what movie these were for, it's not out yet and my friend would get in trouble, but I bet they fuck the film up with lots of CGI and we get some wack videogame-type picture. Anyway, as awesome as these prosthetic creatures look, I'll take my flesh and blood bunnies over them any day. The littlest just had an operation yesterday and than God she is back to normal already.

Here is a kind of
negative article from the LA Weekly about the British Horror film series playing at The Egyptian that I wrote of last post. It pissed me off at first, but whatever.

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This car belonged to Lawrence Klein, director of the Captain Ahab videos. That's not him on the roof, I believe he was taking this picture. This car was banned from the parking garage in my building on North Sycamore because it leaked to much oil. Or it could have been another one of Larry's cars. I'm not sure.

The car was painted with the kind of paint you pain a house with, not spray paint. It had texture.

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