Friday, June 30, 2006

The Gate II and memories...

Had to wake up early this morning to get to Forever 21 for Cub. The reason? They take the dresses off of the mannequin on Friday mornings and there was this modish black dress, the last one in stock, that Cub had to have. Unfortunately we were the 2nd ones there and almost did not get it, but fortunately it did not work for the girl who had first dibs. Cub scored! The weekend is not ruined!

I sent off a submission to
The Horror Blog for their Horror Roundtable, but it was late. I think it's going to get published anyway, so check back with them. I wrote about The Gate II, a pretty disappointing movie for most fans. It comes across as a 90's movie, but it really was made in 1989 - same director, Tibor Tak√°cs, and everything. That guy seems to have slipped into obscurity, though he still is making direct-to-DVD and TV movies.

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Hey look, the school bus is on fire. All right, I admit, it never got to really blazing, but it really is burning if you look closely. Notice how I cropped the picture so you can see that puddle of dried splodge in the bottom right hand corner...

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Blogger Andrew Glazebrook said...

The Gate 2 was a dissapointing sequel !! I got the Gate on DVD here in the UK and the picture quality was awful,like it had been transfered from VHS ! :/

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