Saturday, July 01, 2006

Thor coming to Los Angeles!

Just a day after I find a Thor CD for three bucks at a Santa Monica record store I get the great news. Thor is on tour and hitting the Key Club July 31st. Not from Los Angeles? Perhaps no need to despair. The rest of the Thor dates listed here. I've also got Thor's latest album, 'Thor Against the World', but this older Thor disc (1998? - the oldest one goes back to the 70's on RCA, never released on CD) I found is even better. What a steal. Whoever priced it was not familiar with the power of Thor and did not know that the CD was actually the most killer piece of metal in their whole store.

By the way, Rock N' Roll Nightmare just came out on DVD. Can Zombie Nightmare be far behind?

Check out the
horror round table discussion at The Horror Blog and see my two cents on this week's question. Some good stuff from a bunch of horror blogs including a few cool looking ones that I'd never even heard of. Could it be that those blogs new to me have writers who have never heard of this here 150 Days of Sodom? Well, I'd certainly be shocked if they had not!! We are a household name, right?!?

Thanks to Steven for printing my whole piece. What a good sport. I think mine had the highest word count - though by just a little bit.


Anonymous NoSympathy said...

Oh fuck! Thor fucking rocks, you guys are one bunch of lucky bastards for sure.

4:53 PM  
Blogger Andrew Glazebrook said...

I remember the songs Lightning Strikes and When Gods Collide from some of his early albums,they were class !! :)

8:11 PM  

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