Sunday, July 02, 2006

only stupid bastards help...

I love how the big chain record stores come in dead last in Los Angeles - not just when it comes to being, well cool - but also when it comes to profits. Tower Records on Sunset! The history! The legacy! The Rip-off! They claim that at the New York Dolls in-store (7/28) you will need a to buy the cd to get the limited wrist-band. We shall see.

I used to make a cool $5.50 an hour at the Boston Tower. By now you've all heard my story about how the store manager and regional manager were asleep at the wheel and the landlords leased the building to Virgin on their watch. The big shots got fired and were laughed out of the downtown area. I hear that one killed himself by putting a shotgun up his ass (was it suicide or something kinky gone wrong) and the other got A.I.D.S., but everyone just says that's what they deserve. At least my readers care and well shed a tear for those noble old retail rockers. Right friends?

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Over on, things had been getting slow due to an increase in real life fun which resulted in an equally proportionate decrease in internet fun. Funny how that goes. The people demanded an update and we did not have enough pictures of real kids so I tried to pass off this floppy rubber pig as an acceptable substitute for a profile of a hot new "fashionista".

The pig was a prop from the little boutique I managed. Apparently, before my time, they had been going with an Asian-grocery motive with dead gag chickens and this pig in the window.

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