Monday, July 31, 2006

another video store rant - also Thor is playing tonight on Sunset...

The Bleeding Skull webmaster is interviewed over at the new Blood Freak blog and just about twenty video store classics are discussed (will they ever be on DVD? do we care?) including all of the heavy metal horror movies.


about the site: "VHS rarities were getting a bum deal. No one was covering them, yet there were (and still are) thousands of unknown genre films that could only be seen on that format."

about finding movies on strange video labels: "Will it be uncut? Will the title card be replaced with vector graphics? Will the audio run out of sync? Who cares! It's a VHS."

Plus some shit on the mystery of the movies that made no sense in a time before DVD extras and featurettes.

and let's not forget that you can get these tapes dirt cheep - I've got a tape collection bigger that say 90% of the horror sections in any video store you would come across a few years back - and you would be hard pressed to come across a video store with any horror tape section today cause most of them have liquidated their shit! Anyway, it is hard to say what I paid on average per tape, because I bought so many bulk horror lots, but most of the tapes I bought individually were two or three dollars and these are good tapes - mostly obscure stuff. I don't buy much 90's bullshit, the older the better.

Basically my point is that my tape collection cost me way, way, less than it would cost a video store to stock - especially an old video store that had to buy their tapes in the $40 - $80 price range in the eighties.

What about the horror DVD rental section? Problem: no history or back catalogue. Just the movies from the last few years - since DVD became the dominant format - and the occasional classic like Amityville Horror in there just so the store LOOKS like it has a back catalogue. Old video stores, their back catalogue went back legitimately 20 years with tapes still working that were purchased when they were released in like 84'!

Anyway, enough for now, but I have been inspired to right a rant defending Rick Sloane even though I don't like his movies. Also, Thor is playing tonight at the Key Club and I'm pretty pumped for this shit.


Blogger Patrick said...

Full Moon Madness, is playing at a theater here in September:


Should I go

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Blogger warrenzone said...

you better go!

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