Saturday, July 01, 2006

a cool reception for - Night of the Living Dead 3-D

Horror messageboards... I've tried to avoid them. Too much stupid shit and when it comes to the myspace ones where you can actually see the people you are dealing with, well then that's even more embarrassing. Horror Crowd is a LARGE group I'm ashamed to be a member of, but once in a while bordom drives me to see what is being discussed.

I gained some respect for the kids (though they ain't kids in age) for tearing this guy
Maxwell apart. He posts apparently to brag of his involvement as Art Director/Production Designer of a handful of new movies - Night of the Living Dead 3-D, The Brotherhood of Blood, Somebody Save Me - and links to his resume. Only one reply from the crowd is somewhat neutral. All others, mean.

Worked on the Night of the Living Dead 3D remake, huh?

Well, I hope you die

"Don't get pissed on us cuz you felt the need to help piss all over a classic."

...and after the rebuttal...

He even called in reinforcements to stick up for him...


What was it like working with Sid Haig? Did he hurt your feelings

I hope the myspace will allow you to view
the thread without logging on. I'd never heard of this Night of the Living Dead 3D myself.


Blogger Patrick said...

A friend of someone my girlfriend worked with was in this. Also that recent Robert Englund movie. She gets naked a lot from what I hear.

12:37 AM  

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