Friday, July 07, 2006

why are the innocent dead and the guilty alive? where is justice? where is punishment?

I know for a fact that there are gonna be big snakes at the Captain Ahab video shoot, 'Snakes on the Brain', their song on the Snakes on A Plane soundtrack. I know the girl who is the keeper of the snakes and they are monster snakes that have appeared on TV before and in the movies. To be a part of the video on Sunday: check this out. Guys are told to dress like it is a Biohazard video and girls dress like it is a C&C Music Factory video. As you can see this is a celebration of a glorious era in recent pop culture.

I submitted my piece to this week's
Horror Roundtable Discussion a little late once again, but I'm betting it will up with the rest by the end of the day.

It's too hot to go out in L.A., but I'm gonna make the thrift store rounds looking for a new boombox today. Also, it looks like the gallons of water collecting in my ceiling are not going to bust through and soak everything. Hold on, it has not rained for months and I live on the top floor. Where did the water come from? Well it turns out that their is a water tower on the roof. Who new? Also, I still intend to write reviews of City in Panic and the new Anchor Bay horror release, The Garden.

New street "performer" sighted on Hollywood Boulevard, a Chucky with a bloody knife, played by a real little person or else that is serious child abuse in this heat. Hope he kicks the ass of the Jason and Freddy, who stand around with their masks off by the open doors of the Virgin, where a little bit of the air-conditioning wafts out. They can't hang.


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