Tuesday, May 30, 2006

coffee drinking mania!

Tomorrow is the day of a million coffees and sodas. It is moving day - the worst day ever and the only way to get through it is sugar and caffeine. The 2nd worst day ever was yesterday - Memorial Day - traffic was sooo bad cause we live near the beach - we seriously could not leave the house. I walked down the hill to take in the sights - young alcoholics everywhere. The people looked good in their swimsuits, but I'm not fooled, they will be fat slobs later on down the line. I got rated a 9 out of 10 by some girls on a roof (weekly rentals) with signs drawn up to give each pedestrian walking by a number. Another one of the girls did not like my reaction (unenthusiastic) or just thought I was ugly and gave be a "10 minus 9", but then everything was ok again cause an even drunker girl said I'd always "be a 10 in her book". What rating the tattooed muscle guys (blasting Social Distortion) gave me, I don't know. That because they keep their feeling for other dudes to themselves.Funny, everyone is moving down to the O.C. for fun in the sun at the same time we are moving away. Perfectly timed.

It seems like just yesterday that we moved to Newport Beach. I put up ocean themed horror posters to fit in with our locale. Two Humanoids from the Deep posters, Blood Beach, Pirhana II, and the Italian movie Crocodile. We watched Tentacles (Tentacoli) on our first night in. It's been one year and nine months and we are going back to Hollywood with more crap than ever. The big day has been planned out, but will there be a disaster? It might be awhile before you find out because a move means a little bit of time without internet.

We will be back with news from the streets of Hollywood.


Anonymous Fatally Yours said...

I'll miss ya!

Geez, I know what you mean about the traffic...I went to get popsicles on Monday and I had to traverse the dreaded Newport Blvd. traffic. I am not looking forward to the summer beach traffic...blah!

Good luck in Hollywood!

11:24 AM  

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