Friday, May 19, 2006

Killer Workout (1986)

I see the Killer Workout DVD for America on ebay, but it really looks like a bootleg. I think that this movie is currently available in Europe only.

The alternative title "Aerobicide" is spray painted on a wall in one scene, along with "Death Spa", which presumably has nothing to do with the unrelated Prism Video release Death Spa (with Ken Foree) two years later in 1988. Death Spa is a better movie about a computer-controled health club where the computer becomes possessed. Killer Workout is your more typical slasher fair. Unfortunately the weapon of choice is an oversized novelty safety-pin. Shitloads of kills in this movie, but they are all pretty lame. What is equally lame, but far more watchable, would be the number of sexual aerobics routines that run in short clips at intervals throughout the movie. In one instance the routine shown includes characters who have already been killed in previous scenes. Let me tell you, this stuff is very funny and the music ("Aerocbicide" the song!) and the outfits make for some serious 80's cheese that even 80's fanatics who've seen it all will have to admit is up there with the most ridiculous.

The death toll in this movie is way up there, but the people just won't stop working out until... well, they never stop, the club is still hot when the credits roll. Not a well written movie. There is a little bit more of a story towards the end with a mildly twisted surprise, but on the whole just check this one out as a pop-culture novelty rather than a horror movie. From David A. Prior, action director of the awful war/horror crossover film, The Lost Platoon.

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Stacie at Final Girl loves this movie and even put the slasher (who is it? I won't say) on one of her famous top 10 lists, ok, in the Hall of Infamy, but Stacie loves this movie, I swear. She says she could not do it justice in a review, but I think she could, in fact I think she could probably do some great commentary on the DVD if an American version ever comes out. Extras: Slasher expert Stacie Ponder on the significance of Killer Workout in regards to fitness craze that rocked the 80's.


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