Thursday, May 25, 2006

new video from Larry - "U Want Me" No shit Video!

Hey you know, my old roommate Lawrence Klein directed the video for "U Want Me" by Captain Ahab. It can't be played on M2 or probably even youtube - watch it all and see if you don't feel the pain and grief.

link: (busted) try this:

insider fact: Larry subjected himself to certain My Chemical Romance videos in order to study-up on the scene - oh shit.

In the news: you may have read that we are leaving Orange County behind for Hollywood with a big "fuck you OC" for a good-bye. It's true. I finished another semester at OCC today. We had the producer of cable access'
Graveyard Shift interviewed in the television studio this afternoon - I worked engineering for this short segment. Host Scarabus could not attend. It was speculated that perhaps he does not come out in the daytime. I will be commuting to Costa Mesa several times a week come next fall, but for the summer we are making a clean break.

I had a long debate on the phone with a certain unnamed individual on the merits of See No Evil. My stance remains that this is the worst movie to hit the horror scene - maybe ever. This time aiming low did not save shit. It is from porno director Gregory Dark (New Wave Hookers - 1985) and produced by WWE films. I can only imagine how Vince McMahon is promoting this on his television shows. I read something about storylines where Kane become upset when the release date of his movie is mention. Way to drill that bit of info into the viewers' heads.

I remember 1989, on Superstars of Wrestling, there being bits telling the fans to get out there and see No Holds Barred one more time. Problem was, they kept running these bits up to three months after No Holds Barred had vanished from the theaters! Then came No Holds Barred on PPV. A pay-per-view movie costs what, $7.50? They tacked on a match with Hogan and Beefcake against Macho Man and Zeus (Tiny Lister from No Holds Barred) and ran the movie for $25! Go Vince!

This bit form
Online Onslaught about the financial success of See No Evil. My friend believes this movie can easily make it's money back through DVD sales. It opened Friday.

Many people wrote in trying to revisionist-history their way to calling Kane's movie a success. All of them tried to use the "dollars per screen" heuristic as their lead measurement.

So: in the interest of fairness, I will report that Kane's movie actually *was* the #3 movie of the weekend in terms of dollars-per-screen.

But in the interests of pragmatism, I will also report that it still did pretty sucky. The "dollars-per-screen" measurement really only has usefulness at the very top-end and the very bottom-end of movie distribution. Major blockbusters, you use the "dollars-per-screen" to determine whether you lost any incremental revenue by not booking more screens. Art house/indie flicks, you use "dollars-per-screen" to measure your movie's success in a very limited/regional release.

But "See No Evil" is neither of those cases. It was an attempted Major National Release that wound up on a meager 1300 screens. All the high "dollars-per-screen" number means is that movie theatres all over the country picked EXACTLY RIGHT in terms of deciding how many screens to dedicate to "See No Evil." It does *not* mean that "See No Evil" would somehow have made 3 times as much money if it had opened on the same number (3800) of screens as "The DaVinci Code." That's just dum-dum logic.


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