Friday, May 05, 2006

Model Massacre and modeling scam (part 1)

Wow, we are looking for places in West Hollywood all the time now and have just had to downgrade our search drastically due to money issues. We blow.

I am not going to review Model Massacre right now. I'd like to compare and contrast that movie, better known as Color Me Blood Red, with A Bucket of Blood, but I have not watched that one yet.

Now, we all love scams, they are very amusing and scandalous indeed. I've known a couple of people taken for a ride by 'talent' agencies in Los Angeles. I've met the 'scouts' and even been to one of their offices. These organizations disappear after word spreads and then show up again with a new name. Here is a new one - and here is their agent who contacting me over myspace via a poorly written spam message. He's probably getting scammed himself, a victim as well as a victimizer. He thinks he has a job as a talent scout - that's a good one!

The real story:

People should be ashamed - look at this
discussion - the scammer posts first, then someone quickly points out that it is a scam with links and evidence. The kids pay no mind and keep saying that they are interested. Egos before brains - it's really funny. I could write about this forever, but that is it for now, till I dig up some more dirt - by contacting the scouts and seeing what bullshit I can get them to try and sell me.

There will be investigative journalism!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only talent we need is putting out signs-- million signs is a million bucks!

11:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Loads of comments from real models

5:19 PM  

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