Saturday, May 13, 2006

life and The Jar (1984) part 1

I'm part way through The Jar, a weird little film which I'm guessing is a student film that somehow made it on to Magnum Video in the 80's. It's not very linear and is ultra-cheep, yet has got a good look to it and has good music, though I guess it more like beeps and tones than music. I'm pretty sure they shot without audio and added all the dialogue in post-production. Expect a full review of this one when I finish.

Lady Vengeance hit theaters in Southern California this weekend. I caught it at the University Theaters in Irvine where I saw the 1st two parts of the Chan-wook Park trilogy, Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, and Oldboy. That means I have lived in Orange County for too long, but that is coming to an end. In fact, during Lady Vengeance I got the phone call (on vibrate - and I stepped out of the theater to take it - obviously) confirming that Cub and I were approved to move into our new apartment in Los Angeles. Good-bye O.C. theaters, there are some good ones, but I won't miss the ad reels known as "The 20" which run for 20 minutes before the previews start in all of the Edwards Cinemas.

Lady Vengeance blew my mind. It was awesome and I've yet to find a single negative review.

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Anonymous Alexander T! said...

The 20! Terrible.

I watched Sympathy... last night. It's too hot. I liked it better than Oldboy.

10:47 AM  

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