Sunday, May 21, 2006

branding the sodomy

first, a link: Horror Movie Realism and its Truthfulness - not just on the subject of slasher movies, but blogging on the state of the world today. This is kind of what I like to do... now listen up!

Today I was sitting at a Starbucks in the Gas Lamp District of San Diego reading an article, the cover story of the USA Today, about Starbucks becoming more than a beverage, but also a lifestyle. Yes, they intend to convert their success with coffee beverages into success in the music industry, Hollywood, and entertainment in general. Seriously, because people love the coffee so much, they are gobbling up whatever Starbucks endorses. That is the power of the brand name. Well I do like to get Starbucks drinks, but I don't think their strategy will work with me. Forget about those Stones cds and quirky indie movies they are pushing! Still, I can't deny that the trick works with many others and I should do the same thing with this blog, which I am probably going to change the name of to 150 Days of Sodom since I wrote that randomly on a graphic among other phrases I changed just a little bit to make my own.

Yes, I am going to change the name of the blog, but you may go on calling it what you want, if you prefer the old names. The new branding, however, will have to do with the new name. No I'm not talking about printing T-shirts - though logos and names are important. I want to do a reverse Starbucks. They are looking for a lifestyle to match their coffee. I've got the 150 Days of Sodomy lifestyle to offer you in detail already. Sit around like a grub, watch old horror tapes, get wired for no good reason. Eat a whole box of cereal and take a nap. There you go.

Move to Hollywood and sit and that coffee shop all day watching people walk by like I used to do and am going to do again. Now if only I could be selling you the coffee when you sit their and use wireless internet to view my horror/lifestyle reviews on your laptop computer. That should be my ambition. 150 Days of Sodom brand coffee and snacks.


Blogger Patrick said...

You sound like you are high in this entry.

How about 150 days of Sodom signs?

Should be a hit!

9:37 PM  
Anonymous TysonXXX said...

Warren, I think this is a very smart move, as anything with the word "sodom" in it is sure to become successfull & more accessible. I agree that you sound like a stoner in this post, and if that is the case, congratulations! Too bad I no longer live in that house where random kids would hand me a gravity bong in the kitchen. Finally, I am going to be in California the second week of June and would love to hang out. I'll give you a call soon, though, so I don't know why I'm putting it here.

12:36 PM  
Blogger warrenzone said...

I am not high, but am happy...

hmmm, "word verification" for this comment entry is "sxodzm" - wow!!

10:44 PM  

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