Friday, May 26, 2006

the return of Cub Speaks!

Anchor Bay, they were the only DVD company practically endorsed by VideoHound's horror review book and, besides Something Weird Video, the first company I saw to bring long deleted horror vhs titles and foreign horror to DVD or letter-boxed clamshell vhs. They are still going strong today, with the June 13th reissue of Cemetery Man that I got an early copy of yesterday, but this direct-to-video title, It Waits (2005), totally sucks.

The only good thing about the movie is the creature make-up. Imagine a smaller Pumpkinhead. Ok, there are some good dead-body prosthetics as well. CGI is not this movie's friend. Is there a rule that every straight-to-DVD or premiering-on-cable horror flick must contain computer graphics? It looks so stupid. The dialogue here blows as well - it's painful. "I should've changed his oil." All the horror blogs are going to review this title and if any of them give it a positive review they are liars. I'll be watching you guys - don't cave into the pressure.

So Cerina Vincent, hot or not?

She is no Nastassja Kinski or Asia Argento, so I must say that she is not my particular cup of tea when it comes to hotness, however she is a cute girl.

How come the only character we cared about was Hoppy?

Hoppy was the best! He deserves all of the credit because he was the only good part of the movie. The movie was pretty awful. What was up with the Jeepers Creepers rip off? Were they attempting to make it Jeepers Creepers 3? Sorry cub. It was a flop (terrible dialogue I must add).


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