Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Unrated Edition

"Unrated Edition" does not mean much.

Check out these suckers, duped by the Unrated Edition of Hostel that came out about half a month ago. See the
conversation or just read these two quotes below.

Welcome to the world where uncut means jack shit. It just means that the featurettes and maybe two new lines of dialouge werent submitted to the MPAA, hence a new unrated version. Unless it is an extended directors cut dont expect anything new and exciting to be added to the movie.


For those disappointed in the dvd, I take it you weren't listening when Roth spoke up and announced that the Unrated cut was only 27 seconds longer? He stressed that the cut we saw in theaters was the cut meant to be seen but the studio knew slapping UNRATED on the cover sells better horror, so they kept in "more eye goo."


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