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Sid Haig ain't posting on the imdb message boards...

Impostors are posting as him. I have not seen these posts, and the article does not offer any insight into what the posters motives may be other than to "to malign a good name and get some twisted pleasure out of it". Yes, but how. What are they saying?


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To answer:

They're posting such things as "Sid Haig's alcoholic rages on the set of "Night of the Living Dead 3D" almost had the film get canceled!" and that he's marrying a "tranny" and he's a "gaybasher" and a "meth head" and how they are writing to studios encouraging them not to hire Sid for these reasons, and calling on others to do the same. They are sometimes doing this under Sid's name and his Publicist's. Based on what? I have no idea. None of us do. They've even gone as far as to post that Sid was DEAD.
So, since IMDB refuses to handle their own site, we wanted the people, especially the media, to know it is not Sid or his Publicist posting under the names located in the links given in the original release (which were not printed).
Sid was banned from IMDB for reporting posts such as those. Mind you, his account was used merely to communicate with the "Help" desk, and to report posts of a libellous and damaging nature. He did as such, and they banned him. Same with his Publicist. They have also had to temporarily close registration at Sid's forum because of one poster in particular who is actually stalking both of them. It's a mess, and Sid doesn't deserve it.
The IMDB posters have stopped using their names for the moment, but are still libelling him on his own page. IMDB has the accounts in their names still active, so it could come up again at any time. Hopefully it won't, but if it does, we have the warning out there.
Thanks for reporting it.

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