Monday, January 01, 2007

movie Primeval (2007) tagline: "Inspired by the true story of the most prolific serial killer in history." is actually about a crocodile

The trailer (I saw it before Pan's Labyrinth yesterday) - makes no mention of crocs and the viewer is lead to believe that some invisible demonic force is attacking the screaming victims on screen. Oh no. Therefor, people laughed at the end of the trailer when the narrator goes "Primeval... Inspired by a true story". The reaction was not as bad as the one I saw for the Blood and Chocolate preview (read my story), but this trailer is just plain awful. We get witch doctors, mass graves, exploding dirt, rotting corpses, I wondered if the twist was going to be that the film is about the horror of some flesh eating virus. Serious misdirection here. I guess the studio figured no one wants to see another crocodile movie. How sad.

imdb on Primeval...

I gotta go out right now. I'll post about Pan's Labyrinth later. Happy New Year's Day.


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