Friday, January 12, 2007

political post... again

Hey guys, I intended to post a rant about an upcoming horror movie at the end of this, but did not get around to it. Just read on if you are a political junkie...

Barack Hussein Obama - I'm looking for a right wing blog that discusses Obama's recently revealed middle name in a stupid way. It's been pretty hard to find one that really entertains. My best bet is this Debbie Schlussel blog. She herself is restrained, she's an educated women, though extreme compared to just about anyone you would see on say Fox News. The real good stuff is in the comments where the regular joes, who have no external filters, go to town on Obama, a practicing Christian who happened to have an Islamic father whose methods he did in fact disapprove of. Read the stuff!

"Obama = Black Osama with a touch of taqiyya, all in the interests of his father's (and his) 'religion' of PISS.

Rob Brown (another poster) - If he becomes President, everyone in the congress will soon be swearing by the shit manual known as koran, and we'll have sharia law everywhere. Its as simple as that - you don't need to be a genius to figure out. Look at Keith Ellison and Dearborn if you need proven examples."

"No offense folks, but why do people even take this guy seriously? He is a complete joke. The info here you all bring up just scratches the surface. His islamic roots are something he wants to run from, but who knows how sincere he is with the muslim name he retains? I mean if you want to disown your muslim-ness--why would you retain such a sickening name? Barak Hssein Obama--I want to be puke."

"Borat Hussein Osama ...
Hm-m-m ...

Will he become a president of the United Soviet Socialist States of America in the future?"

Of course one liberal counters with the tired line "Most of you people here are like extras from the cast of 'Deliverance.'" Same shit different day. Over here at 150 Days of Sodom we defame people properly. The only true way to combat the stupidity of our enemies is to expose their (probable) use of glory holes in mens' restrooms as sources of sexual relief.That's how it's down here and it's how it should be done across the internet.


Blogger Patrick said...

You have to admit the borat one was kind of funny

and by kind of funny, I mean.. a very so slight chuckle

3:50 PM  
Blogger warrenzone said...

I did think it was funny, but it does not make any sense.........

6:02 PM  
Blogger Patrick said...

Of course it makes sense!

It's the names of the 3 worst people in the world!

..I just got off the long ass flight from Sydney, and they had Borat on the video system! It had a special marking in the listing: Will offend MOST viewers.

Not even some.. MOST


4:43 PM  

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