Friday, January 26, 2007

Blood and Chocolate reviews from elsewhere

I'm pretty sure this did not screen for critics, but I still managed to dig up some reviews... that divulge some of the silly plot details. I guess the wolves drink absinthe and the protagonist is werewolf obsessed graphic-novelist. Nerd out! I'm skipping it. - "When men (or women) change into their four-footed alter-egos, they don't undergo the grotesque morphing we have become familiar with over the years. Instead, they blur from man to beast - an easy way to save money and keep the romantic aspect intact, although less sinister and unsettling."

SF Chronicle - "A good 50 percent of the script seems to be spent explaining the rules of this wolf world, where the full moon means nothing -- the werewolves can change at will -- but silver, and even silver nitrate dust, can cause death."

bloody-disgusting from Mr D. - "It’s crazy to me that Garnier was supposed to be the “next big thing” in indie filmmaking. ... Avoid at all costs, this could easily be the single worst horror film of 2007 – and we just started the New Year (sigh)."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The problem with the movie is it didn't follow the book at all, except for the names of characters. So what critiques are writing reviews over, isn't even the book's story. The movie's story is twisted, doesn't make sense, but has the names and title of a completely awesome book. The movie would've been a google times better if they had followed the book itself more closely.

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