Monday, January 01, 2007

best and worst horror of 2006 from the big sites

My roomate Netflix'd tons of the movies that make up the worst lists... and I watched almost none of them. I can't comment on An American Haunting, The Omen, etc...

The Bloody-Disgusting staff lists. If anything these lists prove that horror movies are polarizing. A lot of movies are on one writer's "best" list and another writers "worst". This is not because of any shortage of movies coming out this year, there were plenty to chose from.

Staci Wilson's lists. No write ups for the best. Write ups for the worst. She has a special list for "The Worst Horror & Suspense Direct-to-Disc".

Horror Fanatics list, including Fataly Yours' list.

I did not see everything, so can only make an abreviated list of what I found to be the best and worst films, in no particular order.

my picks for the best: The Descent, Hostel, Hills Have Eyes, Three Extremes, 2001 Maniacs, Lady Vengeance

my picks for the worst: Pulse (USA), It Waits (Anchor Bay DVD), Black Christmas, See No Evil, Night of the Living Dead: 3-D, The Covenant


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