Thursday, December 28, 2006

audiences laughing their asses off when title "Blood and Chocolate" hits the screen during preview

"People were mostly silent during the trailer, but when the title was announced, EVERYBODY LAUGHED! In fact, they laughed so hard it lasted into the beginning of Rocky! Thirty minutes later people were still repeating the title with a giggle. I can smell a dud."

So reads one of about 1000 identical posts on the imdb message boards.

Blood and Chocolate fans are quick to retaliate.

"sonds like you need to read more... the title is meant to be poetic... the fact that aiden is her chocolate that simple pelasure and blood, her pack she must choose .. "

"The title is a METAPHOR!!!
Holy Christ. It's a GOOD title.
Uneducated monkey's."

"I must agree with Litwolf. Some people have no understanding of metaphors at all. Ah, such is the generation I am part of. . ."

"sonds like you need to read more... the title is meant to be poetic..."

"wow, you people are seriously immature if that made you laugh. read the book and get a clue the next time, kay?"

One B+C fanatic offers what attempts to be a face-saving theory, only jocks laugh at the Blood and Chocolate title:

"i saw black christmas and did not witness any laughter .. perhaps there was only mockery in the Rocky theatres for those viewers there might have more of a close minded view and not have a taste for literature or the science fiction plots... "

Not so my friend. I saw Black Christmas - a horror film - at the Chinese Theater on Christmas Day, the crowd reaction to the film during the action scenes was nonexistent. Then the title popped-up, tons of laughter just like described by Rocky-film goers in these imdb posts. For the record, I laughed myself...

Yet the battle between Rocky fans and B&C fans like WitchyWoman86 rages on - here is one of a million threads.

I'll quote from that particular bit of online dialogue - here is the Rocky supporter: "I love Rocky and I laughed at the title of this dumb movie. :-) Because Rocky is better and cooler then that series EVER will. He has lasted for decades and decades. I doubt your stupid movie will. Ivan Drago is more scary and cool then those "evil characters".

Rocky could also totally kick all those emo teen vampire, wolf people's asses...I can totally hear him saying this if ever confronted by those characters...

'Yo! I think you need to go back to Hot Topic or I'm gonna give ya somethin' to go cry on ya blog about later!'"

So what do I think. I think people should be laughing. It's not the title that sucks, it's everything else we see in the preview. I'm all for "poetic" shit, high concept junk, I love metaphors, but after watching a couple of minutes of teeny bopper garbage and then having that cerebral title drop on the screen, the absurdity is obvious. You can't give such a stupid looking production a brainy title like Blood & Chocolate. The fans imply that the detractors are stupid, that they need to "read more", but they should step back and look at what they are defending. The book may be sophisticated, it could be great "literature", but the movie is pure cheese that rips off an already crappy horror chick flick called Underworld. It's got bad effects. It is a PG-13 movie. It is aimed at children, and children are not gonna get this title so Blood and Chocolate is in trouble. Big mistake on the part of the movie-makers, the book is not famous enough for the title to carry over into the mainstream consciousness. The producers are up shit's creek. They should have done some research and may have a minor disaster on their hands.


Blogger Mickle said...

It seems to me that the biggest mistake was putting the trailer before Rocky - how the hell is that the crossover audience?

A name change wouldn't have been a bad idea, but the placement of the trailer was worse.

It's (for lack of a better term) a "chick flick" with special effects. I don't really think the teen girls who went to go see Eragon would have been laughing the way that Rocky fans were.

11:37 AM  
Anonymous Kimberly said...

It isn't aimed at children, it's aimed at teens; and, considering teens(Myself included) are the ones defending it, I don't think there should be an issue.
Incidentally, one of MY quotes from IMDB is on your blog.Ha.
I won't say which one, but I will say that I appear to have been having apostrophe issues on that particular day..or maybe I was just over-eager.
I think that our love for the book is transferring on to the movie, regardless of it's content, and/or quality.
But... It might be a good movie.

3:44 PM  

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